Conservatives Hired Kinsella’s Daisy Group To Discredit Bernier’s People’s Party Alleges Globe & Mail Report

Report says the ‘client’ that sought to discredit the PPC was the Conservative Party of Canada.

A report in the Globe & Mail is alleging that the Conservative Party of Canada hired Warren Kinsella’s Daisy Group to undertake an effort to discredit the People’s Party of Canada.

According to the report, which is behind a paywall, Daisy Group records referenced something called “Project Cactus,” which was allegedly an effort to portray People’s Party supporters as ‘racists.’

The effort also allegedly included seeking to make sure Bernier was excluded from the debate.

The Globe & Mail report notes that both Kinsella and the Conservatives have neither confirmed, nor denied the report.

Whatever the truth is of the report, it will certainly deepen the division between the Conservatives and Bernier’s PPC. While it isn’t exactly a surprise to see one party seek to discredit another, and especially in the case of the Conservatives who are scared of losing votes to the PPC in crucial battlegrounds, many people will be turned off by another example of ‘politics as usual’ in a campaign that has already been incredibly dirty and divisive.


Maxime Bernier has issued a statement following the report:

“My statement following the revelation by the Globe and Mail this evening that the Conservative Party paid Warren Kinsella’s firm to systematically discredit the @peoplespca.”

You can read the full Globe & Mail report here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter