Conservatives Hired Kinsella’s Daisy Group To Discredit Bernier’s People’s Party Alleges Globe & Mail Report

Report says the ‘client’ that sought to discredit the PPC was the Conservative Party of Canada.

A report in the Globe & Mail is alleging that the Conservative Party of Canada hired Warren Kinsella’s Daisy Group to undertake an effort to discredit the People’s Party of Canada.

According to the report, which is behind a paywall, Daisy Group records referenced something called “Project Cactus,” which was allegedly an effort to portray People’s Party supporters as ‘racists.’

The effort also allegedly included seeking to make sure Bernier was excluded from the debate.

The Globe & Mail report notes that both Kinsella and the Conservatives have neither confirmed, nor denied the report.

Whatever the truth is of the report, it will certainly deepen the division between the Conservatives and Bernier’s PPC. While it isn’t exactly a surprise to see one party seek to discredit another, and especially in the case of the Conservatives who are scared of losing votes to the PPC in crucial battlegrounds, many people will be turned off by another example of ‘politics as usual’ in a campaign that has already been incredibly dirty and divisive.


Maxime Bernier has issued a statement following the report:

“My statement following the revelation by the Globe and Mail this evening that the Conservative Party paid Warren Kinsella’s firm to systematically discredit the @peoplespca.”

You can read the full Globe & Mail report here.

Spencer Fernando

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It has become blatantly obvious that the PPC is being totally ignored and shut out this election by the media.


More proof that the Conservative party is exactly what Bernier said that it was, Intellectually and morally corrupt! More proof that they will go to any extent to gain power over Canadians and pander to the UN. More proof that they are No different then the other corrupt parties: Liberals, NDP and Greens! How long will it take Canadians to wake up and stop being so damn naive?


Yeah well the LPC has been openly trying to portray the Conservatives as being linked with white supremacists plus they bought out the MSM with 600 million of our tax money…Well at least they were “open and transparent” about it…lol

Rashid Haddad

A “source” said it was the CPC. This sounds like a gossip rag. Unless it can be proven, the CPC cannot be blamed.


I find this hard to believe as the conservatives have to know the ppc is no real threat , this has to be created as an attempt to smear the conservatives in the eyes of the voters

Ruth Bard

Saddened, but not surprised. The CPC under Scheer has become indistinct from the Liberals, using the same dirty and underhanded tactics, and even adopting similar philosophies. At this point it doesn’t matter which of them wins the election, because Canada will continue to circle the drain.

Nolan Diamond

The western oil industry provinces are hoping the conservatives win, because they support oil pipelines & are anti carbon tax. So sleazy, they may be, the CPC are a better bet than the Liberals or an NDP party backing Trudeau, in a minority government. Unfortunately, I really like the PPC & Maxime Bernier’s policies, even though he will lose, he should get votes to counter the lefty NDP. Also Bernier will probably support Scheer, despite the recent dispute, if the CPC ends up with a minority government.


This is nothing short of a type of election tampering and should be punished accordingly…
I knew there was a reason NOT to trust Smiley Face Scheer and this seems to prove the reason.
Neither Trudeau -because of his abysmal record, NOR Scheer – due to this absolute nonsense – deserve to be elected to be our PM……@#$%

Nolan Diamond

Yes I voted PPC also, but there is probably no way they can win, first time running. I would be satisfied if the PPC got more seats than the NDP, or at least close. Even though thats a pipe dream also. So if your wish comes true, or even a minority Bernier government with Scheer supporting him, that would shake up Ottawa, the left wing media & the pollsters.


Maybe it’s a Trudeau/Liberal hit job against the PPC , then blame it on the CPC.
Kill two birds with one stone.
After all Trudeau has bought the media to do his bidding.

Nolan Diamond

Yes, I wondered about that also, as did others.

Karen Dworkin

The effort also allegedly included seeking to make sure Bernier was excluded from the debate.? Hmm another clue? If so was this person on the debate commission assuming they exist? Otherwise how could they effect if Bernier was in the debates or not? The poll numbers do not seem to have changed for months. Also Bernier in a tweet blamed the Conservatives for people leaving their party? But a lot of them that left tweeted or facebooked about why? Now Bernier is blaming Conservatives for the destruction of their signs as well? Sounds to me like something the left would… Read more »


I suspect that if Bernier could speak much better English he would have done very well. His accent gives a negative impression.

Clayton Tokar

Whatever happens this election. Remember: – #ScheerSplitTheVote with his underhanded, anti-conservative Supply Management scam to steal the PC leadership election. This is a fact. – #ScheerIsImposingACarbonTax on Canadian Corps when there is NO EVIDENCE, even historically, that shows C02 has or has ever had ANY effect on Global temperatures. He is doing it, solely to fall in line with the UN/IPCC agenda. – Scheer(or Rempel) did NOT vote against bringing ISIS fighters back into Canada. – Scheer does want to bring in 350,000 immigrants every year, even though Canada only created 163,000 jobs last year. So how should we pay… Read more »

C Thompson

While I had expected to see lots of mudslinging calling PPC racist this election, I was shocked that I saw very little of it, and only in the occasional twitter comment. So if Conservatives paid for this then they certainly got ripped off.


Sounds like something out of Clinton Obama play book


thats it! the CPC has lost my vote.
Last night I was going to hold my nose and vote for this Lib-lite pretend “Conservatives”, but I am done. Out of principle I can not vote for and encourage this anti-conservative infestation in the CPC.