REPORT: Scheer Doesn’t Answer Question On Alleged Effort To Discredit People’s Party, As Bernier Files Official Complaint With Canada Elections Commissioner

Conservative leader refuses to say whether his party hired Warren Kinsella’s Daisy Group to “seek and destroy” the PPC.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer was on the defensive with just days to go in the Election campaign, as he faced questions following a report that the Conservatives hired Warren Kinsella’s Daisy Group to try and discredit/destroy the People’s Party of Canada.

In the video below, Scheer repeatedly refuses to answer whether the Conservatives hired the Daisy Group:

[email protected]_mcgregor – You say you want to be transparent, I find it astounding that you can’t answer a basic question about whether you hired (Warren Kinsella) or not. What is the great privacy or secrecy about this?”

Scheer’s full press conference can be viewed below:

As some have pointed out, hiring someone to do opposition research isn’t a big surprise. That said, others have noted that since the Conservatives are regularly unfairly demonized as ‘racist’ by Trudeau and his establishment media cronies, they should think twice before accusing others of the same thing.

Additionally, many PPC supporters and candidates have been subjected to terrible demonization campaigns, which have had a serious negative impact on their lives. If that demonization happened in party because of the Conservatives, then a lot of people have a right to be pretty angry right now.

This is not a good moment for Scheer, as he is looking evasive and defensive with just days to go. And while there’s a big difference between Scheer’s evasiveness – since it relates to party matters – and Trudeau’s evasiveness – which relates to actual ethical violations in government, perception is reality, and the perception for many Canadians will be that both Scheer and Trudeau aren’t being transparent with Canadians.

That’s probably why both the Conservatives and the Liberals are struggling in the polls, with many Canadians having apparently decided they don’t like either of them.

With the story still going, PPC leader Maxime Bernier says he’s filed an official complaint with the Commissioner of Canada Elections.

You can watch Bernier’s remarks below:

A full video of Bernier’s press conference can be viewed below:

As I said on Twitter, this is not a good moment for the Conservatives, and the timing is pretty terrible:

“I imagine that after the election some Conservative donors may be wondering why the party was able to ‘allegedly’ run a campaign against the PPC, but couldn’t find Trudeau’s yearbook photos.”

“Whether you think it’s a real story or not, the last thing the Conservatives want is to be on the defensive over a ‘dirty tricks’ campaign in the final weekend before Election Day. Not so good.”

Spencer Fernando

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“no comment” eh, Scheer ? I thought you were as bad of a self centred globalist as Trudeau. Looks like I was right.No wonder the elites were ONLY pushing you and Trudeau for the win: they don’t care WHO wins as long as it’s ONE of you….. NO WAY !!!


Now why would he have to do something like that, Max isn’t even a threat


Well, Scheer just lost my vote. PPC for me now. Scheer is obviously guilty of hiring Kinsella. The point isn’t the depth of the immoral/unethical behaviour, as Trudeau’s conduct is much worse. It is a matter of duplicitous hypocrisy. Scheer should have stood proud and tall, (even if feigned) and said, “Yes we did hire Kinsella, to see if we could dig up something as damaging as Trudeau’s blackface.” Instead, he just made himself and the whole PC party look like con artists and liars and scammers, as bad as the Libs.

vilma mannarino


alan skelhorne

sounds like dirty politics to me, as for bernier, I will never trust another Quebecer.

Diane DiFlorio

I once supported Scheer, but a few months ago I saw a few traits that replicated the Trudeau persona. The platforms between Cons and Libs have grown considerably similar. The two parties have bounced back and forth for over 150 years which shows that we are being manipulated (in my opinion). I believe that Maxime Bernier has been a target and is feared by the opposition candidates. No one goes to that much trouble to falsely discredit someone – their opponent in an election – unless they smell defeat and need to play dirty to get that vote. This looks… Read more »

Karen Dworkin

There is a lot we still do not know here. Seems like this Hassam person worked for the Rebel also worked for May and the Greens and Harper too..First I think until we have proof something was done and that it was done with Scheer’s knowledge we should wait. It is irresponsible for Bernier to say some unknown whistleblower is providing facts. If we want to look at facts the polls really did not change much and why did this so called incident stop months before the election? Makes zero sense from the polls and the timing. Lots of questions… Read more »


If this were about Justin the media would have let his non answers roll off their backs instead of doing this outrage about asking questions and Andrew Scheer not answering. Trudeau has not answered a direct question in 4 years. I did not see the outrage from the media about that.


That’s funny since I have not heard any really bad things against the PPC except their signs that were removed in the Maritime s, but Bernier was getting lots of press to complain and demonize about the CPC, and the Conservatives were barely mentioned. I even laughed when Bernier at the fixed debate told Scheer that he was not a real Conservative, and Scheer answered back ” and what are you today Max the Quebec Separatist?, the socialist? or ” and I could not hear the rest as there were others talking, but Bernier looked down with his sick smile… Read more »

Shawn Harris

Has everyone forgotten that politics is a dirty sport and that character assassination along with misleading and false descriptions about politicians and parties has been the norm since politics began. Only the most narrow minded person would see a conspiracy here; only because it was so poorly carried out, by Kinsella, who was after all on the Jean Chretien Liberal election team in the 1990s. So it is possible that Scheer is an innocent victim here, courtesy of Kinsella’s past support for the Liberal’s and couldn’t resist causing trouble for the Conservatives, even though he appears to have been hired… Read more »