VIDEO: Jason Kenney Makes The Case For “Alberta In Canada”

Kenney says Alberta is “not alone,” and believes “at heart most Albertans are Patriots.”

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is making the case for Alberta in Canada, as separatist sentiment surges in the West.

On Twitter, Kenney said “Many Albertans have spoken out about separation after the results of the federal election sunk in.” Adding, “While I understand why many might feel that way, I think there’s a better case for a stronger Alberta in Canada.”

You can watch Kenney’s remarks below:

If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Well, THAT didn’t take long. Clearly Mr. Kenney is here on a mission to diffuse, deflect and otherwise interdict and suppress any progress toward true Provincial self-determination. The “land-locked” BS is a total canard (and he knows it). Besides, you do not make the other sides arguments for them – especially before even really getting into the tussle. By preemptively excluding his most powerful “chip” Jason has all too readily exposed himself as a federalist shill. I’m disappointed (but not really surprised).


That is so true why do we have to feel unwelcome in our own country, I feel that way too, here in Ontario.

Steve Richards

I have watched all of the Premier Kenney videos of him in the legislature and after in the reporter scrum from Tuesday. Big problem with it all is he was elected to protect Alberta’s interests first. Everything he says and does should have the ending of the statement with “and if things don’t happen quickly Alberta will be looking at our other options”. Unfortunately he has not said this once so I think we need to look to another for this. WEXIT ALBERTA is the only solution I can see, our current politicians do not have the backbone to accomplish… Read more »


If Alberta accepted the terms Greenland rejected??? OMG! Why wouldn’t they?

Major Tom

What is the point of being Alberta in Canada…..if Canada doesn’t want Alberta? Separate!

Brian Dougan

Spoken like a professional politician. Let the people of Alberta decide.

old white guy

He is going to spend the next couple of years fighting against the destruction of Alberta, I don’t think he has the courage .


The Alberta Wexit Party, similar to the Bloc who is concerned ONLY with things that relate to the Province. IF a political decision isn’t clearly benefitting Alberta, vote against it.

Quebec Bloc = Alberta Bloc. 34 Alberta seats gives a powerful voice in Parliament.

old white guy

You will find those 34 seats are voiceless.


Kenney is a Federalist , but he means well. Unfortunately, even he knows the power brokers in Central Canada are loathe to do anything for the west, especially sharing power or treating us as equals. Kenney like a good Premier will try to held Alberta but would prefer to kick the can down the road, than fight for Albertans. To bad, I like the guy.