Doug Ford’s Twitter Account Retweets “Scheer Must Go” Tweets, Office Says Staffer Did It


It’s no secret that many supporters of Doug Ford were not happy with Andrew Scheer’s distancing of himself from Ford in the recent election campaign.

Scheer also rarely pushed back against Justin Trudeau’s repeated demonization of Ford.

Of course, we all know how that turned out.

The Scheer campaign failed to win the seats they needed in the GTA, even doing worse than Harper did in 2015. The Conservatives also dramatically under-performed the numbers Ford got in the GTA just over a year ago.

So, it was ‘interesting’ to see these two retweets (since deleted) from Doug Ford’s Twitter account:

“#BREAKING: The Premier’s twitter account was just used to RT anti @AndrewScheertweets, govt tells@globalnews “A staff who used to have access to @fordnation account RTd a tweet by accident” #ONpoli

A photo of the Retweet can be viewed below:

Scheer Must Go Tweet


Blaming a staffer is a time-old political trick for getting a leader out of trouble, but it may also be true in this case. Many staffers probably have access to Ford’s account, and someone may have forgotten to switch from Ford’s account to their account before Tweeting.

Still, there’s definitely a lot of division and anger within the Conservatives at this point, and Scheer’s position is far from safe. Time will tell what happens.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter