Canada To Resume Exports Of Beef & Pork To China

The Communist State is facing a massive shortage of pigs, as African swine flu decimates their ability to produce.

Justin Trudeau has announced that Canadian exports of beef and pork to Communist China will be resuming.

Trudeau made the announcement on Twitter:

“Good news for Canadian farmers today: Canadian pork and beef exports to China will resume. Thanks to Ambassador Barton and the Canadian meat industry for their work on re-opening this important market for our meat producers and their families.”

Notably, Canadian canola exports are still banned.

The Trudeau government will obviously try to take credit for this, but the reality is that China is facing an immense shortage of pork, as millions of pigs have been killed due to the African swine flu.

As a result, China is desperate for meat products, leading to today’s move.

It also must be said that Canadian Citizens Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor are both still imprisoned, with no sign of any progress towards their release.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube