TROUBLED NATION: Majority Of Canadians Say Our Country Is “More Divided Than Ever”

A majority of Canadians in every region say this is the most divided Canada has ever been.

In another indictment of the horrendous governing of the Trudeau Liberals, a majority of Canadians in all regions of our country say this is the most divided Canada has ever been.

A new Ipsos survey asked Canadians whether they disagreed or agreed with the following statement:

“Canada is more divided than ever.”

59% agreed with the statement, while 31% disagreed. 10% said they were undecided.

Unsurprisingly, agreement was highest in the provinces where support for separation is highest. In Alberta 79% say Canada is more divided than ever, while 77% say the same in Saskatchewan.

Yet, that sentiment is clearly felt across the nation, with 54% in BC, 58% in Manitoba, 56% in Ontario, 54% in Quebec, and 66% in Atlantic Canada saying our country is more divided than ever before.

The blame for this is directly attributable to the Trudeau government.

The Trudeau Liberals inherited a country from Stephen Harper that was largely unified, with both Western separatism and Quebec separatism dormant.

But after just 4 years in power, Justin Trudeau has ‘led’ Canada to a place in which separatist sentiment in the West is surging, and the separatist Bloc Quebecois made massive gains in Quebec.

Trudeau has done nothing to stop the flow of anti-Canadian energy foreign money flowing into Canada, and has even aided those efforts by passing legislation that severely damages our energy industry and pushes investment, jobs, and profit to foreign countries, who are benefiting at Canada’s expense.

Combine that with Trudeau’s arrogance and centralizing tendencies, not to mention his governing incompetence, Canada is splitting apart.

Spencer Fernando