TROUBLED NATION: Majority Of Canadians Say Our Country Is “More Divided Than Ever”

A majority of Canadians in every region say this is the most divided Canada has ever been.

In another indictment of the horrendous governing of the Trudeau Liberals, a majority of Canadians in all regions of our country say this is the most divided Canada has ever been.

A new Ipsos survey asked Canadians whether they disagreed or agreed with the following statement:

“Canada is more divided than ever.”

59% agreed with the statement, while 31% disagreed. 10% said they were undecided.

Unsurprisingly, agreement was highest in the provinces where support for separation is highest. In Alberta 79% say Canada is more divided than ever, while 77% say the same in Saskatchewan.

Yet, that sentiment is clearly felt across the nation, with 54% in BC, 58% in Manitoba, 56% in Ontario, 54% in Quebec, and 66% in Atlantic Canada saying our country is more divided than ever before.

The blame for this is directly attributable to the Trudeau government.

The Trudeau Liberals inherited a country from Stephen Harper that was largely unified, with both Western separatism and Quebec separatism dormant.

But after just 4 years in power, Justin Trudeau has ‘led’ Canada to a place in which separatist sentiment in the West is surging, and the separatist Bloc Quebecois made massive gains in Quebec.

Trudeau has done nothing to stop the flow of anti-Canadian energy foreign money flowing into Canada, and has even aided those efforts by passing legislation that severely damages our energy industry and pushes investment, jobs, and profit to foreign countries, who are benefiting at Canada’s expense.

Combine that with Trudeau’s arrogance and centralizing tendencies, not to mention his governing incompetence, Canada is splitting apart.

Spencer Fernando

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Beverley Campbell

I absolutely believe that Canada is a broken country and that you can track that back to the deplorable lack of committed leadership by an ineffective and arrogant Prime Minister, he appears to have deliberately acted to split opinions and the pit one side against another, I am familiar with this kind of action as my father was much the same although acting only upon two children, a relentlessly unproductive pain.

Eric Blair

What I have not seen written about is this: if Alberta is well on its way to separating from Canada what might happen in Quebec… will there efforts to separate accelerate. This would be for Trudeau separation battles on two fronts. Just ask Hitler how a war on two front went.

Donald O'Kane

Yes it IS dividing and the cause is TRUDEAU and his elitist, globalist Liberals.


One thing he told the truth about: pan canada, post national state. and he has it accomplished almost. except in his own province of course.


‘54% in BC, 58% in Manitoba, 56% in Ontario, 54% in Quebec, and 66% in Atlantic Canada saying our country is more divided than ever before’
So if this is what they think then WHY did the east elect the imbecile AGAIN?


Complacency or just dumb?

Major Tom

Divided? Hardly! Destroyed? Absolutely!

Brian Dougan

Not to mention the fiscal prudence under Harper.


Why is any government that arises out of unfounded justification like curls and socks allowed to be formed??? This vaudevillian that is Trudeau is surrounded by a bunch of rookies , incompetent, unfit and inexperienced in the field .How can we expect any OTHER result than division, breakdown and utter chaos ???

Gerri Page

The Liberals are responsible for Canada being divided and they don’t care. One uneducated, self-serving, destructive PM JT is the main cause of it. This one PM treats Canada like it belongs to him likewise the money and that is why we need accountability before there is no Canada we loved. The voters who re-elected him are also responsible for what is happening to Canada now. Up to 7 million people did not vote and it has shown that the voting was rigged with non Canadians, dead people etc.

old white guy

How can the country be more divided when 63% are socialists. that is one heck of a majority that would like to see Canada bankrupt. I will suggest we are going in exactly the direction Canadians want, down. Accept every and any culture except your own, give the wealth of working Canadians to welfare immigrants, force onerous restrictions on all business and personal freedom, yep, a real formula for success.


Here’s a reminder, we just had an election and Canada spoke electing the ski instructor and part-time school teacher. The country will get everything it deserves in its decision.

David Henley

If Canadians feel that it was better before Trudeau and blame Trudeau…HOW DID HE GET ELECTED?? I do not believe we had an honest election. We have seen how the liberal party does what it wants and just how corrupt he is. He only looses a few seats? We have seen the media so one sided and paid large amounts of money to create false and misleading statements. If this goes unchallenged we have lost our country. If he is able to continue to remove the rights and the freedom sone after another we are already in a dictatorship. Scheer… Read more »