Canadian Foreign Aid In Syria Stolen By Al Qaeda Aligned Terrorists

I’ve been warning about foreign aid for a long time. This should be a wake up call for everyone.

Taxpayer-funded Canadian foreign aid in Syria has been stolen by a terrorist organization linked to Al Qaeda.

According to a Global News report, the terrorists stole laptops and cellphones that were funded by Canadian foreign aid:

“Gunmen raided an office in northwest Syria and walked off with almost two dozen electronic devices that were part of Canada’s humanitarian contribution to the region, the declassified documents show.

“Our information at this time suggests that the armed men were HTS militants, though we are not able to confirm that definitively,” reads a report released under the Access to Information Act.

HTS is the acronym of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, an armed Islamist group that grew out of the regional Al Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusrah and is fighting for “the creation of an Islamic state,” the government says.”

As noted in the report, HTS is listed as a terrorist organization by the Canadian government. If any Canadian gave resources to HTS knowingly, they could face 10 years in prison.

The items bought with Canadian foreign aid and then subsequently stolen are three latpops four projects, 13 iPads, a two-way radio, and two mobile phones.

An expert quoted by Global News, says the stolen Canadian foreign aid could be very ‘useful’ to the terrorist group:

“Given the value of the equipment that was taken from that office and given the fact that terrorist groups also need to run logistics, just like humanitarian organizations do, that could actually be significantly more valuable to the terrorist organization from a tactical and logistical perspective.”

What this means is that Canada has now indirectly assisted a terrorist group, and worst of all, Canadian taxpayers were forced to pay for it.

This is yet another reason that foreign aid is indefensible. We shouldn’t be forcing taxpayers to give their hard-earned money to foreign countries, especially considering how many Canadians are suffering here at home. And as we see, foreign aid has unintended consequences, and can make things even worse.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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All humanitarian aid facilities are targets but some have inside help to assist in either stealing or destruction of important data, and communication equipment. Some time ago it was noted that World Vision set up on the border of Gaza was one such insider case. The days are shrinking when outside countries will be able to assist each other including Canada and her once good name.


Can’t even find words to say about this. Who would have thought something like this would NOT happen? Why isn’t the most well known trust funds in Canada contributing to this human “aid” ? Too risky, no doubt. With our shrinking dollar and our shrinking support for this foolish government we get to watch on the sidelines, helpless. Take the cheque book away from our own clueless gang of robbers we are already burnt toast.

Sarina Cliplef

The first question that popped into my mind was if it truly was stolen, knowing Trudeau’s affinity for terrorists.

William Jones

Your article states: “If any Canadian gave resources to HTS knowingly, they could face 10 years in prison.” A case might be made to that effect in that the government ought to have known about HTS being in the immediate neighbourhood and, therefore, it would be logical to think that they might well want such devices. If our understanding of such things is lacking, perhaps we should not make the equipment so available?