WEAK: Ron MacLean Threw Don Cherry Under The Bus To Save His Own Job

Let’s not pretend otherwise.

During his monologue following Don Cherry’s firing, Ron MacLean tried to cast himself as the aggrieved party, somehow seeking sympathy and talking about how hard all of this has been for him.

He even said he ‘loved’ Don Cherry.

Of course, that is all a distraction from the clear reality of what took place:

Ron MacLean threw Don Cherry under the bus in order to save his job.

At the end of the day, it seems to be a purely self-interested move by MacLean, regardless of how anyone tries to dress it up.

MacLean could have stood up for Don Cherry, and could have defended Cherry’s comments even while saying he would have worded it differently himself.

He didn’t.

Instead, he made the politically correct apology, and grovelled for ‘forgiveness.’

Making all of this worse is that MacLean clearly had no problem with Cherry’s comments when they actually happened, giving him the thumbs up. It was only afterwards that MacLean saw the woke outrage mob and decided to reverse himself, suddenly ‘realizing’ he disagreed with what Cherry said.

Of course, without Don Cherry, Ron MacLean would be virtually unknown in Canada, and his refusal to stand up for his ‘friend’ shows a serious lack of appreciation for that fact.

Don Cherry deserved far better, and Ron MacLean deserves tons of criticism for his weak and pandering actions in throwing Cherry under the bus.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Peter Black

Its very simple . Ron is just plain stupid. All he had to do was interupt Don and correct him by adding “Don you mean everybody. Cherry used “you people” many times in the past to refer to people he ws talking to -ie fans, coaches, politicians , kids etc etc. Maclean should be fired for such stupidity and incompetence after being Don’s buddy for 30 years. Pathetic .


All MacLean needed to do was reach over, touch Chery on the arm and tell him to slow down. Media pandering to illegals is setting Canada up for what is happening to Europe.


Don MacLean sounds and acts like the perfect Liberal. When he finally gets ‘released’ from the media, Trudeau will scoop him up as a party member, and future MP, since they don’t have to have scruples or decency in that party. Trudeau has proven that by his own actions over the years.Who knows ? MacLean may even get a Senate posting – sounds about right for the Liberals.


With friends like him who needs enemies.


Don says out loud what everyone else thinks.Ron McLean with a friend like this who needs enemies

Major Tom

Ah’d back you up, buddy……but ah’s got to look after #1 !!!

Don Taylor

Ron McLean will now always be known as a backstabber,I have lost any respect i had for Ron McLean


I agree Spencer. He is the reason the saying “with friends like that you don’t need enemies “
Is a thing. Thumbs up! (Yeash)


Don Cherry rightly stands up for Canada and our traditions, Ron McLean puts Canada and hockey down, must be a lefty.

Lynne Mayotte

Don Cherry must be offered his old job back for Canada, not CTV etc. And, no Ron MacLean this time, he to fend for himself. Wand Don, not Ron.


Ron must be extremely left wing, like his buddies at the CBC

Ben Eby

Ron should be gone with Don! Ron loves Don a lot and says he’s talked to Don, and Don gave him some sage advice, then Ron hunkered down and said he loved Don again and wanted him to know that! It was hard to watch. It was actually pathetic. HNIC needs to cover-up that open wound.

Ron Condly

Were all hurting (conflating his failing on all Canadians) I’ve been reflecting (I’ve been in meetings with PR to save my skin) We are all disappointed (present your self allied with all the stars of hockey appropriating their stature) Bobby I’m disappointed in me (looks like PM Virtue Signaler on a plane after Blackface) Sat all week long reflecting, listening to you (sounds like someone who has consulted extensively with professional public affairs consultants to script this apology) I’ve reflected by listening to my own heart (we are going to grow the economy from the heart out) This highly scripted… Read more »

Elizabeth Thorne

Next some people will not want anyone playing hockey, Canadians need to learn to integrate with those entering Canada, getting all their bills paid by Canadians will not be enough.


It was quite pathetic to watch him groveling for his job in that way almost immediately after the broadcast the next day. No time to see what the people would say about it from the night before…pathetic. He really did not need to comment, it was not him in trouble.

Guy-Paul Roy

Political correctness my parallel Witch Burning soon? I was never a fan of Don, because of his suits made from Grandmas curtains. Regardless, Don was done badly by the Media and Rodgers. Ron just climbed on board with the Witch Burners. I would like to see this situation in 2040.

David MacKAY

Ron MacLean represents the spinelessness of so many Canadian, the same Spinelessness that raised so many “Snow Flake Millenials”. Hiding behind and reinforcing his master – known as Political Correctness. Probably another graduate of the Andrew Scheer PC school of losers.


Weak is right. Made me ill to watch it.

shawn harris

True friendship is always about supporting and defending your friends and not about saving your reputation, job or what the public thinks or feels about you. You stand your ground and defend what you believe. It is unbelievable that Ron MacLean couldn’t grasp or understand the real message Don Cherry was making and even worse, that he sought only to save his own skin, rather than stand with Cherry.
Ron MacLean’s words and action while working for the CBC clearly shows that they will never stand up for or defend true morals, values, integrity and our military.


I Think Ron MacLean got cold feet and did not know what to do.When all those calls came in they were from people who are racist themselves,and can never take criticism.They always pull racist card because it works.It would have been better for Ron MacLean to say I have no comment.One can not argue with people who are always looking to have an argument.It is very unfortunate that Canada is becoming more and more divided.

old white guy

Honour and loyalty, two thing sorely missing in Canada.


Woke outrage mob ? How do so few control the balance of public , they don’t the balance either can’t be bothered to defend public speech or get so whipped by being called racist or whatever they begin to believe they are or second guess themselves .
Thats what liberal governments do they say it enough times it works the same way makes people question themselves .

Daniel Young

Calm down folks. Don Cherry himself admits he would chose different words to get his message across. Problem is that he is a stubborn old goat who refuses to publicly admit to any wrong. Ron Maclean initially made a mistake but did the right thing in hindsight. Don, just say you did not intend to insult immigrants and then move on. This is not the 1920’s anymore.