London Bridge Attacker Was Convicted Terrorist, Had Been Released From Prison

And he was attending a ‘prisoner rehabilitation conference’ at the time of his attack.

Outrage is growing amid revelations that Usman Khan – from Pakistan – the attacker who killed two people on the London Bridge, was a convicted terrorist who had previously been jailed, and was attending a conference on ‘prisoner rehabilitation’ at the time of his attack.

Khan had been convicted of trying to attack the London Stock Exchange, and of attempting to set up a training camp for terrorists in Pakistan.

Despite the government having the authority to keep Khan in jail potentially forever, he was instead released, as the Conservative government (before Boris Johnson was in power), eliminated the law allowing Khan to be kept in detention to follow a ruling from the EU-controlled European Court of Human Rights.

Additionally, a judge changed the indefinite detention to a fixed term of 16 years in jail, with eligibility for parole after 8 years. That decision was made in 2013, following Khan’s jailing in 2012.

So, Khan was released and then went on to commit a terrorist act, a pathetic failure of the foolish politically-correct authorities and a legal system in the UK (like Canada’s) that seems to be built to protect and defend criminals and terrorists, rather than keep law-abiding Citizens safe from deadly danger.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Maybe he was not impress with the poetry classes, or is that just the politicly correct reform we are doing in Canada? The Toronto 18 will all be getting out about now. With Zakaria Amara, getting his Canadian citizenship back, complements of Justin Trudeau.
I feel like we are being set up with more of the same scenarios, with no protection from our this government.

Brian Dougan

Ah yes. Our “thoughts and prayers are with you.” More terrorist victims. More flowers and candles. No justice.

David Henley

Seems that the people have elected another fool. you can point the finger at the left wing nut bars but the people put them in power. Lets not follow the liberal politicians and blame everyone else. The people voted them in. These voters are just as guilty of the stupidity of their politicians. It doesn’t matter what they do the same voters put them back in. Yes the are making bad decisions and have no idea on what they are doing. Both the voters and their followers have no idea. Leftist jiggle bunnies don’t seem to know a lot about… Read more »