Huawei’s Public Attack On Canada Confirms They’re Nothing But An Extension Of China’s Communist Party, And Must Be Banned

There is no such thing as a large ‘private company’ in China. They are all extensions of the brutal Communist State.

As I reported earlier, Huawei is publicly attacking Canada on Twitter.

Here’s what Huawei said, as they linked to an article which ironically disproved their claim:

“The detainment of #Huawei CFO #MengWanzhou is an unlawful and illegal act. Why? Read this insightful account of events to help you make up your mind.”

Notice that Huawei’s attack on Canada uses the exact same language as Communist China’s government.

In countries like Canada and the US, businesses and the government often disagree, and even fight publicly. Businesses are allowed to criticize the government, criticize policy, and are (at least somewhat), independent of direct government control.

Yet, that’s not the case in China.

In China, the Communist State controls all large corporations, and those corporations are extensions of the Communist Party. That’s why Huawei is so dangerous, as letting them into our 5G networks amounts to giving Communist China direct access to our networks in Canada.

Now, as we watch Huawei publicly attack Canada and parrot the talking points of the Communist State, it is beyond doubt that Huawei must be banned.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube