WATCH: Scheer Slams Trudeau For Latest Debacle On World Stage

Scheer made the remarks as he spoke to the Conservative Caucus.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer slammed Justin Trudeau’s latest debacle on the world stage.

“And, at a time when Canada needs strong relations more than ever, Justin Trudeau’s poor judgement, lack of professionalism, and love of drama continues to weaken Canada on the world stage,” said Scheer.

You can watch Scheer’s remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

Scheer is absolutely right ,trudeau has the brain the size of pea,that is why they call him Pea Brain

Donald O'Kane

I agree with everything Andrew Scheer said in his statement. Trudeau and his liberal Destroyers NEED TO GO. I only wish that Eastern Canada would have seen what WE in Western Canada saw in our 2019 election. Time for a NON-CONFIDENCE VOTE and boot this Liberal Party of DESTROYERS out of politics. After that don’t EVER let another TRUDEAU in our political system, they are all destroyers and communists IMO. If he is allowed to remain in power, I fear that Alberta and Western Canada will leave confederation and become the country that Canada has been for the last 150… Read more »


Not going to happen. Trudeau knows the other parties are broke and cannot afford another election. This means Trudeau will do what he wants unhindered.


Do what you say you are going to do Mr. Scheer. You will earn my respect.
Stand up to the MSM and work with independent media sources to spread your messagings to a wider audience.
If you want to appeal to everyone, try different shirts and ties. You are too dated for your age. I am almost 60 saying that.


Go Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives, the lieberals have to be gone for Canada to survive. The lying and two faced Trudeau must go away.

old white guy

Not just the liberals, the NDP, the greens and the blockheads.


Trudeau’s behaviour on the world stage is yet another reminder of his fragile state of mind. He lacks the mental and emotional strength to represent Canada and he repeatedly embarrasses Canadians with his silly antics. He’s too stupid to understand the depth of harm he creates for businesses and individuals.
He, of course will not be embarrassed for himself due to his inability to process his truly ignorant actions. Whatever did we do to deserve this tosser?


We have maintained colonial era electoral system, into 21st century high-tech reality at great costs to future generation Canadians.


Good! Also “fight” to shut down the immigration numbers!

Garlet Farlett

Gee that didn’t take long, did it. We are what, 2 months after the election?? And there’s captain crayon out there embarrassing us on the world stage… AGAIN. This man NEEDS TO GO.


Too late, 4 more years…


We are soooooo screwed. We have no good leaders to quote “Man-up”.
A little rouge and lipstick, Sheer would totally fit into our current government.