Trump Facebook Page Slams Trudeau After Canada Loses Over 70K Jobs

“Trump wins,” says the post.

Donald Trump’s official Facebook page has posted a message slamming Justin Trudeau following Canada’s staggering job losses.

Trump’s page posted a photo from Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign manager for the upcoming 2020 election.

“Just shared via President Trump’s official Facebook account.

Go ahead, CBC, Toronto Star, et al. Tell us again how Trudeau’s gossip girl routine wasn’t a big deal…”

Clearly, Trudeau’s ‘mean girls’ moment at the NATO summit will have a negative impact on how the US government deals with Canada.

As a result, Trudeau is alienating Canada’s closest ally at a time when our nation is already increasingly isolated, economically weak, and militarily undefended.

Dangerous times.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screenshot

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Gerri Page

Trudeau brags about creating jobs as usual and 71000 jobs were lost. Businesses closing up anymore to come. How one boy PM can be so destructive and bring a country to it knees is unbelievable so blame the Liberal MP’s who just don’t give a damn as long as they get their paycheques and benefits.


Can’t say Trump doesn’t have flair and a great sense of humour.
Trudeau has Trumps attention now to anything that may be on the negative side.
He still will be watching closely if Trudeau spends the 2% GDP on the military and he does not have much patience.


Mean girl trudeau really has to go. What fools are running this country and running us into the ground, only totally foolish idiots would vote these lefty mean girls back in.
Thank you again Pres. Trump for the embarrassing truth, about our country we know, I apologize for the very rude behavior, and I am so embarrassed of the phony fake radicals and our paid out media that really should not be allowed out of the loony bin.


but but but ….plastic straws or something


How many of those 266,000 new American jobs were created by Canadian companies that were forced to flee to the US in order to survive due to Trudeau’s hatred of old-stock Canadian boomers and his useless and very damaging Trudeau Carbon Tax?

We still haven’t been informed just how the Trudeau Carbon Tax is supposed to control climate.

Scheer lost the election.

Brian Dougan

Dangerous times indeed.

Elizabeth Thorne

If I say I loathe Justine Trudeau is that hate speech?