Majority Of Canadians Worried About Recession In 2020: Poll

Terrible recent economic numbers will add to growing fear of a recession.

A new Nanos survey for Bloomberg News shows growing fears of an upcoming recession among Canadians.

According to the survey, 56% of Canadians view a recession in the upcoming year as “somewhat likely,” while just 34% say it’s “unlikely.”

The report notes concerns about recession is “a sentiment broadly held across regions, gender and age.”

While fear of an upcoming recession is highest in provinces that are struggling the most (in the West), a majority of people in BC and Ontario also see an upcoming recession.

Economic pessimism can also be seen in other ways:

“Household sentiment has been waning for a couple of months. A separate gauge of consumer confidence — the Bloomberg Nanos Canadian Confidence Index — ended November with its lowest month-end reading since January and well below historical averages. Another survey in late October found only 22 per cent of Canadians showed strong confidence in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ability to create conditions for economic prosperity.”

Spencer Fernando

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Eric Blair

The seldom seen concerned look on the PM face is not you think. It is not about the economic plight of Canadians or Canada this upcoming joyous season but where can I go with my family for our holidays that won’t make me look bad.


So if 56% are afraid of this up coming recession where were their votes for someone solid on economics, law and order and less taxes? The ones that voted for the left, do they really think their amusing expensive but fake dog and pony shows help the country in anyway?


Of course there is going to be an economic downturn and likely a significant recession. The Trudeau/ Horgan Carbon Taxes are forcing Canadians to think hard about Christmas spending. It doesn’t make sense to spend money we don’t have for things we don’t need. We are being forced by the enviro-fascists to adjust our budgets and reduce spending, particularly on stuff Made in Canada or Product of Canada. Businesses and companies pollute by their very existence. When they shut down because of Trudeau / Horgan policies, we get the benefits of reduced pollution. I have made it a point to… Read more »

Liba Cunnings

The 34% must be government employees. They are not the ones losing their jobs.