“All Proper Procedures Were Followed”: Conservative Party President Says Party Offered To Help Scheer Pay For Children’s Schooling Expenses

Statement by Party President follows after Global News report alleging party funds were used.

Following a Global News report that there was anger within the Conservative Fund about party expenses being used to pay for Andrew Scheer’s children’s private schooling, the Conservative Party President has released a statement.

The statement reads as follows:

“As is the normal practice for political parties, the Party offered to reimburse some of the costs associated with being a national leader and re-locating the family to Ottawa.

Shortly after Mr. Scheer was elected leader, we had a meeting where I made a standard offer to cover costs associated with moving his family from Regina to Ottawa. All proper procedures were followed and signed off on by the appropriate people.”

The statement doesn’t directly refute the Global story. Additionally, some are now saying that Scheer had been warned a story about the expenses was forthcoming, and contributed to his decision to resign.

It seems clear that no laws were broken, and this is about perceptions. And further, the fact that this story was apparently leaked internally in the first place shows the division within the Conservative Party.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter