REPORT: UK Exit Poll Projects Big Conservative Majority

But these exit polls have been wrong before.

The UK Election Exit Polls are showing a horrific result for the radical far-left Corbyn Labour Party, while the Conservatives are projected to win big.

UK exit Polls

According to the exit polls, the Conservatives will win 368 seats, with Labour far back at 191. The SNP is at 55, and the Liberal Democrats are at 13.

The projection gives the Conservatives a majority of 86 seats, and a gain of 50 seats from the last election.

Labour are projected to lose a whopping 70 seats.

Of course, the exit polls have been wrong before. That said, the sample size is large, and is based on surveys with voters leaving the polls across the UK. If it’s even close, then it means Boris Johnson will have the power to get Brexit done.

It also means that Corbyn and the anti-Semitic Labour Party will have been defeated, and the UK will have dodged total disaster.

Spencer Fernando