Trudeau Refuses To Say If Canadian Taxpayers Will Pay Harry & Meghan’s Security Bill

Canadians have a right to know.

Harry & Meghan have made it clear that they want to be financially independent.

They have every right to seek to live their own life and distance themselves from the royal family if they choose. And if they want to live in Canada, that’s great.

However, if they truly want to be financially independent, they should do what every other rich private individual has to do: Pay for their own security.

Unfortunately, it’s still unknown who will be covering their massive security bills.

And when given a chance to tell Canadians what’s happening, Justin Trudeau refused:

According to the AP, “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is refusing to say who will cover security costs for Prince Harry and his family while they are in Canada. At a news conference in Winnipeg today, Trudeau says discussions on the matter are ongoing, adding he has not spoken to the Queen about it.”

Canadians have a right to know if we are being forced to pick up the tab. We need to know because if we are, then we have the right to push back and ensure Harry & Meghan decide to cover their own security costs, as truly independent individuals would do.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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You cannot trust this government! No response is a yes!


If we cannot afford to protect all Canadians, and are not anymore, we do not even have any control of who they let into our country. Somehow these elite rulers in our country with their own laws and protection, and busy wasting our money just do as they please and invite and serve or not who they please, what say do Canadians have left, somehow these secretive corrupt rulers were voted back in?????


did he not use his usual defense HE IS REFLECTING ….

Major Tom

Maybe Justin will give them $10.5 million… he gave Jihadi Kadhr…..

Gary major

Anybody else sick of this man-child blowing off Canadians ?


They should definately pay their own way.


They left their monarchy behind we dont like paying all that let alone another social service burden that should not be ours….illegal aliens.


Or go to the US where they for sure would have to pay their own bills. Our PM is such a useless piece of S**t.


Knowing that the Majority of Canadians do NOT want to pay for Harry and Megan’s Security Bill, I hope that Harry and Megan know enough to pay for their own Security. When two astronomically rich individuals, who were part of the Royal family, and still are, expect Canadians to pay for their Security, I am sure that they know that they will be Hated and Detested by Canadians, and rightfully so!

Gerri Page

I wish they never came to Canada. It will be just one big party for Trudeau and Ben Mulrony’s wife Jessica while Rome burns.


“Trudeau Refuses To Say If Canadian Taxpayers Will Pay Harry & Meghan’s Security Bill”
That means we WILL be paying if he ‘refuses to say’, or surely he’d just say ‘ no, we’re not’ ?
What is HIS kickback or benefit, I wonder ?
Maybe a nice and generous donation to the Trudeau Foundation from them ?!
Sounds like it’ll be time for Rebel News to do – yet another !!!- ‘access to information request’ on ‘security charges for the (formerly) Royal couple’.

james isnor

Her Majesty the Queen has balls bigger than the PMO’s brain. She will put the bill down on him and all she will get back is a whimper and urine wet shoes


Transparency on all issues that will cost the citizens…trudeau likes to hide all things questionable & then just blow our tax bux.

Lance Boyle

He will spend money to protect their borders, but not ours.

Katie Mills

As a Canadian taxpayer, I am against funding the security and any other costs the Trudeau government is contemplating. Harry and Meghan want financial independence. Then step up to the plate and take responsibility for your costs. These two are not in Canada as representatives of the Royal family and the Queen. Canadians should not be forced to pay for them by Trudeau. It may make Trudeau feel good (like funding terrorists) but it is real $ for the average Canadian. What is Trudeau willing to give up from his ridiculous budget to cover these costs. We are not the… Read more »


It has been reported that the two of them are about to sign lucrative contracts – Harry with Aston Martin, and Meghan with Disney. With mega-bucks rolling in, and living in Canada, will they pay tax in Canada?

Guy-Paul Roy

Justin only gives out Millions to those of Anri-Allies Decent and the Warriors that fought against the Allies. 10.5 million for the murderer of an American Medic and Canadian Vets want way too much. Harry is NOT ANTI-ALLIES nor did he fight the fight against the Allies. All is good for the UN/Justin.

Gerri Page

Canadians have said no and it is your job to respect their decision. You are PM of Canada so act like one.


Canadians should not have to pay a nickle. We have paparazzi here from the USA, UK and even Japan. Why are they so enamored with these two very self absorbed people?

Ron Shaw

If my tax’s go towards their security, then it’s time Canadians have some input on how our tax dollars are being spent by the Trudeau government , then maybe make this government accountable for its very existence . And the east wonders why we westerners want out of confederation , truly mind boggling !


Welcome to the new North America dictatorship where the man-boy does whatever he wants.