WEAK: Liberal Foreign Minister Claims Our “Leverage” Is “The International Community”

How’s that working out with China and Iran?

In a laughably weak statement showing the messed up attitude of Canada’s foreign policy elites, the Liberal foreign minister Francois-Philippe Champagne says Canada’s “leverage” is “the international community.”:

“The leverage we have? It’s the international community.” @FP_Champagne says the world is watching Iran for its next move, especially relating to black boxes.”

Of course, outsourcing Canada’s leverage to other countries means we have no leverage at all, and it’s an attitude of total weakness.

People quickly pointed out how foolish Champagne’s remarks were:

“Is this the same ‘international community’ that was going to influence China to release the 2 Canadians???”

“Give Cdns a break, @FP_Champagne.

Park the spin.

You’re going to be judged on what you actually achieve in this matter, not on your messaging about it.”


“This has not stopped Iran from tampering with the evidence at the crash site, and Iran has not yet shared the black boxes or audio recordings. Watching is not making a difference.”

On Twitter, Mark Collins brought attention to remarks by Norman Spector, on how many Canadians are being surprised by how little influence Canada actually has:

“After decades imbibing media and government propaganda, many Canadians have an inflated assessment of our weight on the international stage. For them, China holding our hostages and Iran refusing to hand over the black box may surprise”

Canada’s foreign policy elites and political elites have turned our country into a weak and helpless nation. Our military is severely underfunded, our first reaction is to placate aggressors, and nobody respects or fears Canada.

And it’s only getting worse under this government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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alan skelhorne

another chicken little, just like his boss.when the first shot goes of the bow, you will see them all scatter like the rats.


What leverage? Threatening to change costumes, wash his blackface or develop a new dance routine is NOT leverage. Only politicians and Liberals think we have an inflated assessment of our weight on the international stage. We used to, but that was pre-Liberal. Right now, when the international community thinks of Trudeau and some Canadians, the Micheal Jackson song Black or White comes to mind.


The truth is a lot of Canadians could care less as our politics are so corrupted so they no longer pay any attention to it, except in Quebec who are ruling Canada and prospering or the west who have been very damaged by the rulers in Quebec, the rest of Canada just wants to ignore it all and smoke pot and worry about their sexual orientation and all the not free freebies the rulers dangle before them.
I guess it is true, all the smart Canadian left “the brain drain” Is there enough of us left here who care?

Gary major

champagne is a joke on the world stage and in my mind along with trudeau and the rest of his GVT.


Another Idiot comment by another STUPID Liberal. Unbelievable!!

Gary Dube

Yes, and the international community is watching Canada. Again they see another inept response from an inept government. Embarrassing.


Bought friends often leave quickly when the money runs out.

Brian Dougan

Perhaps he should grow some beard; a la his master J. Turdo. That supposedly increases one’s credibility. Only in Canada. Fluff replaces substance.

Guy-Paul Roy

All my tools are next door with my Neighbor. When she gets back from Holidays in the spring, She promises to show me how to use them.
Yours truly….. Justine and the gang.