Richard Décarie Is A Former Quebec Separatist

“I am in favour of sovereignty and I will work in that direction,” said Décarie previously.

With possible CPC leadership contender Richard Décarie facing widespread condemnation from Conservative candidates for his remarks on LGBTQ Canadians, it turns out that he was formerly a Quebec Separatist.

A 2004 Globe & Mail article included this description of Décarie:

“Mr. Décarie, as chief of staff to onetime Quebec industry minister Rita Dionne-Marsolais, was a senior PQ staffer from 1994 to 1996, under both Mr. Parizeau and Mr. Bouchard.

He had worked previously for Liberal premiers Robert Bourassa and Daniel Johnson, but switched parties in 1994, complaining they should have held their own referendum on sovereignty.

“I am in favour of sovereignty and I will work in that direction,” Mr. Décarie told La Presse then.”

Presumably, Décarie will now say he’s not a Quebec Separatist. Regardless, it seems highly unlikely that the Conservative base will be willing to consider a former Quebec Separatist as party leader.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Another Bernier, another pseudo laurentian elite UN lieberal plant to take down the new Conservative Party. Thank goodness the screening is happening and let there be no more poseurs aboard, even if the BO lieberal media turns even more negative for the only real political party left for Canadians.


would not fare well for conservatives and conservative voters if they did not disfavor !!!!


Support for Quebec separation might be his only good point. Think of the billions Canada would stop wasting when Quebec leaves.

Gary major

Another liberal plant to disrupt and confuse like bernier who never did answer who fronted him the 300’000 to enter! IMO! trudeau financed him!


I do not think that Quebecers are out of their minds to leave Canada.They got what they wanted. Why would they want to leave.