Banning Candidates (Even Bad Ones) From Conservative Leadership Race Is A Terrible Idea

The Conservative Party is supposed to be a democratic organizations where the members chose their leader, not a top-down elitist club.

According to a Globe & Mail report, there is now discussion within the Conservative Party hierarchy as to whether Richard Decaire, the former Quebec Separatist who had been heavily criticized by many for his comments LBGTQ people, should be allowed to run or not.

The report indicates Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner and Conservative MP Todd Doherty want Decaire banned from the race, while others, including Alberta Conservative MP Rachael Harder and MP John Williamson believe Decaire should be allowed to run.

Personally, I disagree with Decaire’s comments on LGBTQ Canadians, and think it was good to see many top Conservatives slam his remarks on that issue.

A Conservative-Party led by Decaire would almost certainly get crushed in a general election, and his chance of winning the leadership race is almost non-existent.

With that said, it would be totally wrong for the party to ban him.

If Decaire, or anybody else for that matter, meets the criteria in terms of memberships and fundraising, he should be allowed to run.

The Conservative base, made up of party members, should decide who wins the race. If people want to vote for Decaire, they should be free to do so, and if they want to vote against him, they should be free to do so as well.

But banning him would be totally anti-democratic. If the Conservative Party elite are confident that he doesn’t speak for the party, then let him run and let the members prove he doesn’t represent the party.

At its best, the Conservative Party is supposed to be the party that supports more democracy, more ability for individual MPs to share their views and propose legislation, and more citizen referenda. By banning Decaire, or outright banning anyone ahead of time, the party would be going against their principles, and showing contempt for their members.

The Conservative Party needs more democracy, not less.

Spencer Fernando

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pancake rachel corrie

F this country….useless bureaucrats …were f’d FOREVER


Michelle Rempel is a fine one to talk. And we wonder when the in-fighting will stop among CONservatives. They are currently their own worst enemy.

Joe College

The CPC must avoid the urge to apply chaos theory to the leadership race. Look how well that worked out for the Democrats in the USA – wacko extremists fueling media with outrageous ideology and platforms that are driving away voters by the million. Decarie would alienate federalists conservatives in Quebec, not to mention the Alphabet Folks. He is a disruptive force that would hurt the Party just as would Charet had he made a bid for leadership. There must be a vetting process that avoids a barroom brawl and achieves a democratic outcome.


The Conservatives seem to be going against the very ideals they profess. Free speech, no free speech, or the Liberal “approved” speech. The top end of this Party had better get their act together pretty damn quick. I would like to see some vetting and housecleaning of the campaign/election and the Party Management teams and get some fresh blood in there. Supporters will get disillusioned and walk away to the PPC or WEXIT parties. Neither look to be being susceptible to Liberal influence and control. Is it possible the Conservatives might fade from the scene, architects of their own demise?

Robert Abbott

I do not agree with his position but he has the right to run after meeting all the requirements. He certainly would not get my vote.


I hope conservative party is not going to the left.Only communist party allows in the chosen once.If that is the case even at my old age I have to really think ,must I be looking for another country to spend my last few days.

Gary major

This is my problem with the conservatives (con for 50 years) the Elites are running the party and ignoring the base This will not work well for us RE: the last election!