BREAKING: Coronavirus In B.C.

It’s a man in his 40’s who recently flew to Wuhan China, and then flew back to Canada.

There’s now a third case of Coronavirus in Canada.

It involves a man in his 40’s, who had recently flown to Wuhan China, the centre of the Coronavirus outbreak.

The man had flown back to Canada, and then started showing symptoms.

Now, he’s in isolation at home.

The virus continues to spread throughout China and around the world. And while Canadian officials claim flights are being screened, there are mounting reports of numerous flights from China landing with absolutely zero screening whatsoever.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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willem stolk

Screening does not help, people are already contagious before there are symptoms and no doctor can tell. Closing the airports for plains out of china is the only save option. Any other option is gambling with 10 to 20% of the the Canadian people, that is about 5 million people. Even letting people into quatrain like settings is impossible, where do we put thousands of people coming back form the Chinese New Year. Further putting all those people closely packed together they will for certain all get infected, it will be a kill box.