Air Canada Flight To Make Emergency Landing In Madrid

The plane suffered an engine issue.

An Air Canada Boeing 767 suffered an engine issue not long after taking off in Spain.

As a result, the plane will make an emergency landing in Madrid, after circling to burn off fuel.

In addition to the reported engine issue, it is also being reported that one of the 10 landing gear wheels had fallen off.

This may have been the cause of the engine issue, with the wheel having possibly flown into the engine, rendering it damaged or inoperable.

According to a statement on Twitter from SEPLA – the union of Spanish pilots, the plane will have to burn fuel for three hours before it can land.

Spencer Fernando

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Gary major

Fly a Boeing airplane a GVT. financed business never going to happen! Plus Air Canada another Gvt.financed business NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


You would think with all the safety regulations now that this would be not happening, but human error or the wrong studs used to hold on the tires can happen. I hope that they can soon land safely.