While Falsely Posing As Their Defenders, Politicians Like Justin Trudeau & Jagmeet Singh Have Betrayed Working Class Canadians

By supporting massive immigration increases, elitist politicians are doing the bidding of the largest corporations, while causing severe financial damage to millions of Canadians.

As we recently saw, Jagmeet Singh spoke at a Unifor blockade and called some workers ‘scabs.’

Politicians like Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau brand themselves as defenders of union workers and working class Canadians, and they’ve successfully wielded that brand against Conservatives.

Yet, their pose as working class defenders is false.

You and I both know that in reality, politicians like Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh have betrayed working class Canadians.

The key aspect of that betrayal is the endless push for huge immigration increases.

Now, a reasonable level of immigration can be beneficial for a country, as it can help balance an aging population.

But Canada isn’t experiencing a reasonable immigration level. Instead, our immigration levels are incredibly high.

Consider that the US had a net intake of roughly 550,000 people in the last year, while Canada’s net intake was about 420,000.

So, despite our population being just 1/9th of the US, we brought in almost 80% as many people.

Worst of all, nobody voted for this.

Every poll shows a clear majority of Canadians opposing higher immigration levels. In fact, many polls show that support for higher immigration is a fringe position, with between just 10-20% calling for higher levels, while many many more call for lower levels.

And as the massive influx continues, working class Canadians are being hit the hardest.

Global corporations are the biggest boosters of massive immigration, because it destroys the bargaining power of individual workers. The establishment media has also totally been co-opted, pushing the message of international corporations without any criticism.

For example, we always here about a ‘labour shortage,’ with companies saying they can’t find enough workers. But a ‘labour shortage’ means a good market for individual workers, who have more leverage, can pick between multiple jobs, can demand higher wages and more benefits.

Yet, we almost never hear this.

Instead, we see corporations call for massive immigration, while politicians like Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau do their bidding, while disguising it as ‘inclusion.’

Of course, true inclusion would mean creating an environment in which Canadian workers of all backgrounds have the opportunity to get better wages, be treated better, and be given the rights and opportunities they have earned.

That simply can’t happen with massive immigration increases. By bringing in so many people every year, corporations have a nearly endless supply of cheap labour, meaning they can get away with low wages, treating workers badly, and undermining workers rights.

Many unions used to recognize this:

“Supporting stricter immigration on low skilled workers is literally a union position. I’m shocked why many more on the left haven’t endorsed this.”

We know that many union members do recognize this. Unfortunately, their leadership is often more interested in being popular with elitist politicians and flying to politically correct conferences than actually defending workers.

Until Canada’s leaders show the courage to represent the real views of Canadians and push back on the huge immigration increases under elitist politicians, Canadian workers – including many unionized workers – will pay the price.

Spencer Fernando


I will NEVER register with the government. I will remain Independent and fight back. You can help Support my writing. If you want to contribute, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:
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Donald O'Kane

Very true Spencer and that is running rampant throughout our society. Wages have dropped drastically and the possibility of finding a good job is non-exhistant. I am a senior on the edge of losing my home and have been looking for work for the last 4 years, ever since I was laid off due to the decimation of Albertas oilfield. All that is available is minimun wage jobs or near minimum wage jobs. It seems that no one wants to hire seniors. I am a journeyman HD Tech and have had only 1 interview in that time.

Major Tom

Let them eat Johnny cake……..


Finding work being very difficult – even work that gets you paid much less than before your job went out the window (such as being used to 25-an-hour jobs now paying only 15-an-hour) – isn’t the only thing that massive immigration causes. We have a severe doctor shortage in this country, and many immigrants are from cultures which are used to having large families. I, amongst many others, cannot find a doctor at all. After having a broken hip in September from a fall and in addition to having it repaired, required a pin put in down to my knee,… Read more »

Gary major

How long before Canadians wake up and see this ? trudeau and singh do this deliberately BC that’s where their votes come from meanwhile disenfranchising Canadians !


Jagmeet and Trudeau are made out of the same cloth.It is true that some Union leaders like to rub shoulders with these two leaders.I never forget our late Harry Rankin our Vancouver lawyer who said to union leaders.”When you start rubbing your shoulders with the people in high position remember first from where you came from.”
I wander how many union officials remember that saying.