WATCH: Jagmeet Singh Uses Dehumanizing Language, Refers To Workers As “Scabs”

Jagmeet Singh’s rhetoric is dangerous and divisive.

In a very disturbing video, Jagmeet Singh uses dehumanizing language to refer to Canadian workers.

With the Canadian economy really struggling, people are fighting to pay the bills and keep themselves afloat. So when job opportunities emerge, people are glad to have the chance to work.

And with Unifor pushing a strike at the Co-Op refinery, there are many people seeking to do the jobs that aren’t currently filled.

Yet, instead of showing compassion for people in a tough situation who are fighting to work, Singh is instead using dangerous, divisive, and dehumanizing language to refer to Canadian workers.

He’s calling them scabs, echoing the rhetoric of Unifor boss Jerry Dias:

“SELF-proclaimed ‘Most POPULAR Leader’ UNION boss, oops, I mean #NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh refers to people as SCABS. Wait…What…I thought he represented THE PEOPLE❓ I wonder what the children think of their Parents referred to as SCABS❓ WTH❗️🧐 #cdnpoli #Liberal #CPC #PPC”

Singh’s rhetoric is very dangerous.

He’s dehumanizing many Canadian workers, and dehumanization is often the first step towards violence and hatred.

If the establishment media had any credibility or consistency, they would be slamming Singh for his horrendous and dangerous demonization of Canadians. But since they won’t, it’s up to us to spread the word on his dangerous rhetoric, and stand against the dehumanization of our fellow Citizens.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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