WATCH: Jagmeet Singh Uses Dehumanizing Language, Refers To Workers As “Scabs”

Jagmeet Singh’s rhetoric is dangerous and divisive.

In a very disturbing video, Jagmeet Singh uses dehumanizing language to refer to Canadian workers.

With the Canadian economy really struggling, people are fighting to pay the bills and keep themselves afloat. So when job opportunities emerge, people are glad to have the chance to work.

And with Unifor pushing a strike at the Co-Op refinery, there are many people seeking to do the jobs that aren’t currently filled.

Yet, instead of showing compassion for people in a tough situation who are fighting to work, Singh is instead using dangerous, divisive, and dehumanizing language to refer to Canadian workers.

He’s calling them scabs, echoing the rhetoric of Unifor boss Jerry Dias:

“SELF-proclaimed ‘Most POPULAR Leader’ UNION boss, oops, I mean #NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh refers to people as SCABS. Wait…What…I thought he represented THE PEOPLE❓ I wonder what the children think of their Parents referred to as SCABS❓ WTH❗️🧐 #cdnpoli #Liberal #CPC #PPC”

Singh’s rhetoric is very dangerous.

He’s dehumanizing many Canadian workers, and dehumanization is often the first step towards violence and hatred.

If the establishment media had any credibility or consistency, they would be slamming Singh for his horrendous and dangerous demonization of Canadians. But since they won’t, it’s up to us to spread the word on his dangerous rhetoric, and stand against the dehumanization of our fellow Citizens.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Of course he called them scabs. WHAT do you expect from a PRO- UNION, anti NON union globalist, socialist – bordering on communist – creep like Singh ?!!!
Liberals, NDP, Green , Conservatives/’Liberal Lite’ – ALL cut from the same cloth now ?
WAKE UP Canada…they want to control you and THAT starts with you JOB working for THEM !!!

Donald O'Kane

Singh has no morales or couth. What does he call all these illegal immigrants and terrorists that are taking our jobs away from hard working patriotic Canadians that are losing jobs to these people that are undercutting everyones wages. He is far too arrogant and condecending for my taste. Get him out of our political system along with all the liberals. I believe Canadians have had enough of these types of people. I know I certainly have had enough.


It is the hard working people of Canada paying their taxes that allows these pieces of s–t to bath in luxury.

Ben Eby

Singhs conduct should surprise no one! The big question is how did this guy ever get a seat in our parliament! This a despicable person who should be in line for rejection as leader of the NDP. The good thing about his shenanigans is he will reduce the number of NDP MPs by a sizable amount!


They are Scabs and the workers who’s jobs they’re doing are “Canadian Workers” as well with Canadian families. Workers strike when they’re livelihoods are threatened,when they’re wages, pensions and health benefits are at risk of being taken away. Companies hire scabs to come in so they can keep “Canadian workers” on the street and beat them into taking less money, less job security, less everything. All Scabs are doing is helping big companies screw over their own employees and those same scabs are usually not all Canadian,some companies will bring in scabs from other countries and drive down everyone’s wages,… Read more »

Clive Edwards

Funny how a scab is no longer a scab when a union issues a work permit – even if it means putting union workers out of a job. The film industry is rife with this sort off thing.

Leo Frey

The only scab here is the federal NDP leader who is a scab on Canada’s a*^.


Singh didn’t even try to soften his blatant hatred of the Conservative party, of Conservative members and Conservative voters. It seems this might be a Provincial and Federal NDP culture. It gets pretty tough trying to be part of this Country when we have to battle the Media as well. WEXIT??


Calling the pot is calling the kettle black.Jagmeet knows nothing about unions or the union members.I have been in the work force for 65 years this man knows nothing about work or workers.Walk in other man’s shoes for a mile before you judge anybody.How dare You!

Gary major

He’s just parroting his idol JT