Why Canada, The U.S., And Western Allies Should Build A Freedom-Focused Competitor To China-Controlled Huawei

We must face the reality that we’re in a new Cold War.

The world is in a new Cold War.

That Cold War is between the Western World and Communist China.

Some countries still haven’t woken up to that fact.

The Canadian government is among those who clearly don’t realize what’s going on, or somehow think they can ‘play both sides.’

The UK also made a huge mistake by allowing Huawei into their 5G networks, albeit with some restrictions.

Yet, whether some realize it or not, the Cold War is real.

The ambitions and values of the Chinese Communist Party are simply incompatible with the values, principles, and freedoms of the Western world.

And that means we must learn the lessons of the Cold War.

With China using massive state-run companies to push their agenda and dominance, Western governments must step up and push back.

For that reason, it’s time for Canada, the U.S., and other free Western nations to build a competitor to Huawei.

That can mean either forming a consortium to build a company, or providing money into a fund that goes towards 5G research and supporting Western companies that abide by Western values and defend freedom.

It’s an idea already being raised by U.S. Attorney General William Barr:

“Since the call, the two sides have agreed to limit the use of Huawei products in the U.K. Additionally, Attorney General William Barr suggested on Thursday that the U.S. should think about buying controlling stakes in tech companies Ericsson and Nokia to create more international competition.”

Canada should be considering something similar, and should work with our allies to build (or support) a Western-based competitor to Huawei that will protect our nation from the danger posed by China’s Communist Party.

If you agree, please share this idea with your MPs and help spread the word.

Spencer Fernando

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