WATCH: Erin O’Toole Rips Illegal Blockades, Says He’ll Fight “Eco-Extremists”

Leaders will have to make clear whether they stand with law-abiding Canadians or foreign-funded radical extremists.

As law and order in Canada crumbles, Conservative leadership candidate Erin O’Toole is taking a strong stand against the “eco-extremists,” and ripping the illegal blockades shutting down roads and bridges.

Here’s what O’Toole said on Twitter:

“These blockades are illegal. Enough is enough

I will enforce the law and push back against eco-extremists.

Add your name if you are with me 🇨🇦 👉”

This is a good message from O’Toole.

He’s taking a clear position, and has the guts to call the radical protesters “extremists.”

By contrast, Peter MacKay hasn’t Tweeted about, once again missing a moment and missing an opportunity to align himself with the Conservative base.

Other contenders for the CPC leadership need to match O’Toole’s message and stand strong, because if we keep letting the rule of law collapse we could very well lose our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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