DIVIDING CANADA: Trudeau EXCLUDES Scheer From Crisis Talks, Further Tearing Canada Apart

The representative of the party that won the most votes wasn’t invited, while the Separatist Bloc was.

Justin Trudeau’s weakness is tearing Canada apart, as he hands our nation over to radical extremists.

Now, his hatred is tearing Canada apart as well.

As you and I know very well, Justin Trudeau only shows toughness when he’s attacking Conservative Canadians:

“The only time Trudeau shows even the smallest bit of toughness is when he demonizes and excludes Conservative Canadians. If you’re a Conservative Canadian, Justin Trudeau hates you and wants you excluded from our nation. Trudeau’s hateful attitude is breaking our country apart.”


And now, we are watching, in real-time, as Justin Trudeau makes clear that Conservatives are not part of his vision of Canada.

As the crisis caused by Trudeau’s weakness continues to spread, and illegal blockaders act with impunity, Trudeau is excluding the Conservatives from crisis talks:

“Mr. Scheer disqualified himself from constructive discussions with his unacceptable speech earlier today,” Justin Trudeau tells reporters re: Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s exclusion from PM’s meeting with other opposition leaders to discuss ongoing rail blockades. #cdnpoli”

With his disgusting actions, Trudeau is dividing Canada and tearing the country apart. He is now treating illegal blockaders and Bloc Separatists better than he treats millions of Conservative Canadians.

“Trudeau treats foreign-funded illegal blockaders and the Separatist Bloc far better than he treats Conservative Canadians. Given that obvious truth, how can anyone think Trudeau is actually loyal to Canada at this point?”


The reality is clear:

Trudeau hates millions of Canadians, he hates the rule of law, he hates Canadian history, and he hates the very idea of Canada as a unified nation. Now, he’s doing everything he can to tear it apart.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Garlet Farlett

This man is a national disgrace. As if the west needed to be further excluded. The liberals have ZERO seats out west, and this guy can’t see that their voice is not heard without the CPC at the table? Scheer, while not my favorite speaker, was bang on with this speech today. Sorry if it offended your fragile ego Justin


With a move like this from Trudeau ? He is PROVING, and without a doubt,
that we are NOW in a dictatorship, and HE’s in charge.
Could he make it any more crystal clear to us ?

Gary major

The Paper Tiger that’s trudeau is tearing itself apart as he sees his UN seat disappearing into the sunset as well it should! This is the angst that’s riding trudeau and fueling his rage against Canada and Canadians his loss of this seat! He should lose his seat in Parliament!


P.E. Trudeau and maybe baby Justine Trudope both have worked hard to divide Canada, but what people still cannot see and I did not at first either was all the power Quebec was given by P.E.T.( was a real communist) to control and destroy English Canada and if you look at the real truthful history and followed along you would have seen this too. Back in my early days, Liberals were mostly French Catholic and like the English wanted to be very connected to France and Europe after the 2nd world war many more Liberals came to Canada, the old,… Read more »

Don Taylor

People are seeing the Evil face Of Justin Turdeau and he wont stop until he is kicked out or voted out,he is the biggest DANGER to Canada


Just change the name Maduro to trudeau when reading this:


This is happening right here in Canada.


This gong show is like a bad marriage its not if your going to leave but when. Enough is enough East verses West is like oil & water stir it all you want but its never going to mix. We have to stop pounding on the door to let us in. Its time the West has a referendum on Separation whether its Manitoba west or Alberta alone but lets just do it and stop degrading ourselves like its our fault. Trudeau just proved it yesterday that he’s the divisive one by blocking the Official Opposition from attending an all party… Read more »


He lets the powerful tiger through without a scratch but takes the sledgehammer to the crippled monkey without hesitation.