WATCH: Pierre Poilievre’s Epic Speech On The “War Against The Working Men & Women Of This Country”

One of the best speeches seen in Parliament.

In recent speech in the House of Commons, Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre discussed the “war against the working men and women of this country.”

It was one of the best speeches seen and heard in Parliament in many years, as Poilievre outlined many of the attacks being faced by Canadian workers, and spoke truthfully in a way few politicians ever do.

You can watch the great speech below:

“There is a war against the working men and women of this country. It is time to fight back and win.”

If you have trouble viewing the video, click the link below:


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Barry Bateman

Excellent speech concerning energy and jobs Pierre Poilievre (real ones, not 5,000 unthreatened SNC Lavalin jobs. 130,000 unemployed and underemployed Alberta energy workers don’t matter to Trudeau. The corresponding suicides don’t matter to Trudeau. His unjustified overregulation and fearmongering about the trace gas of all life on earth CO2 is intentionally killing Canada’s energy industry and the millions worldwide who are dying without energy. The policies and lies about climate and energy are disgusting, irresponsible, and doing irreparable damage.). The Trudeau Liberals are writing off 85% of the world’s energy while seven to twelve million people a year DIE FROM… Read more »