MISMANAGEMENT: After Weeks Of Saying “The Risk Is Low,” Patty Hajdu Now Says Between 30% To 70% Of Canadians Could Become Infected With Coronavirus

Horrendous mismanagement.

The incoherence and mismanagement of the Coronavirus outbreak from the Trudeau government has been horrendous.

When there was still a chance to take strong actions to stop the spread, the government failed to shut the borders, even failing to shut down travel from the original epicenter in China.

For weeks and weeks, health minister Patty Hajdu said the same thing:

“The risk to Canadians is low.”

She said it over and over and over again.

Yet now, she’s switched completely:

“The COVID-19 outbreak is a “national emergency and crisis,” Ms. Hajdu told the House of Commons health committee, but public health officials say they won’t prohibit mass gatherings until the virus spreads more widely.

“There are a range of estimates, but I would say that it is safe to assume that it could be between 30 per cent of the population that acquire COVID-19 and 70 per cent of the population,” she said.”

This is disgraceful.

How did Hajdu’s messaging switch from “low risk,” to up to 70% of Canadians could get it?

What was the government doing during the month in which they kept saying the risk was “low”?

From the beginning, Hajdu and the Trudeau government have downplayed the Coronavirus threat, under-reacted, and played catch-up every step of the way.

The one success in Canada’s handling of Coronavirus has been at the provincial level, with provinces doing a decent job in terms of testing.

Yet at the federal level, it’s been incoherence and weakness, and Hajdu’s huge messaging shift reveals how overwhelmed and incompetent the government has been.

And to get a sense of how far behind the Trudeau federal government has been, consider this video from over a month ago on January 31st, where Hajdu said Canada wouldn’t declare a national health emergency after the US did so:

Spencer Fernando

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