After Weeks Of Delay, Liberal Government Invokes Quarantine Act, Requiring Mandatory Isolation For Anyone Returning To Canada

This should have been done weeks ago.

Weeks ago, the Liberal government said they couldn’t enforce a mandatory quarantine of individuals returning to Canada.

They said over and over again that they didn’t have the resources to enforce it, and that it wouldn’t be invoked.

Well, once again, the Liberals have reversed themselves, but only after weeks of delay that let the virus spread within our country.

The government – effective midnight tonight – is officially invoking the Quarantine Act, requiring all individuals returning to Canada to self-isolate. The penalty for violations is a fine of up to $1 million, or 3 years in prison.

The government says they will enforce the Quarantine Act through random inspections.

So, once again, we something that could have been done the entire time – that was instead delayed until it was far too late.

“This governments entire approach has been reactive as oppose to proactive.

For over 2 weeks the CPC have been pressuring the Minister to enforce mandatory quarantine under the Quarantine Act. Her response “I encourage the Member opposite to review the Quarantine Act””

This has made the outbreak in Canada far worse than it had to be, which will lead to more death, more suffering, more loss, and more economic destruction.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter