Catherine McKenna Implies Energy Sector Jobs Aren’t ‘Meaningful,’ Even Though Those Jobs Are Saving Canada From Total Collapse

The incompetence and failure to understand reality by politicians like McKenna is becoming more and more dangerous to the Canadian People.

Catherine McKenna won’t let anything – not even a virulent pandemic and economic collapse – stop her from pushing her out-of-touch ideology.

Amazingly, McKenna is even now implying that oil & gas sector jobs (the kind of jobs she wants to eliminate) aren’t meaningful:

“After we get through #Covid_19, the world will have a choice. Respond with an economic & jobs recovery stimulus that jumps starts the clean economy & creates meaningful jobs .. or not.”

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with seeking to boost the economy, including aspects of the green economy, when the crisis has passed.

However, the issue here is that McKenna is implying that current jobs aren’t ‘meaningful.’

Yet, you know very well that oil & gas sector jobs, along with truckers driving trucks powered by gasoline are literally the thin thread keeping Canada’s entire society from collapsing.

Without oil and gas we wouldn’t be able to get food to grocery stores. We wouldn’t be able to get medicine and medical supplies to hospitals.

Without oil and gas, the idea of civilization itself would be crumbling as you read these words.

That means oil & gas sector jobs are among the most meaningful jobs in our country right now, and are literally saving lives.

For McKenna to still be unable to realize this, and to still be pushing her ideology is very dangerous, and it’s the kind of thinking that is an increasing risk to the Canadian People.

Peter Coleman, President of the National Citizens Coalition, issued a response that most Canadians will undoubtedly agree with:

“Hey Catherine. Do us a big favour and shut your pie hole. People are super suffering and don’t need your one trick pony green nonsense …especially now”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube