In Late January, Trudeau Said Canada Was “Very Well Prepared” For Coronavirus. So Why Do We Have A Massive Shortage Of Masks & Protective Equipment?

The government will try to spin the situation, as Hajdu already did. But they claimed our country was prepared. They lied.

Let’s take a look at what Justin Trudeau said in late January:

“Our health system is very well prepared to deal with the coronavirus in Canada. We are taking all necessary precautions to prevent it from spreading. We are collaborating with our partners abroad, and Dr. Tam, who is the head of our Public Health Agency, is working as an expert at the WHO to ensure international coordination. Our best practices are in place at hospitals and we have put preventive measures in place at airports. The risk to Canadians remains low and our health care system is prepared to prevent the virus from spreading.”

If this was true, why is Canada desperately ordering millions of masks from foreign countries?

Why are we running short on personal protective equipment?

Why was our stockpile so depleted?

Why did we ship supplies to China?

Why are we unable to build the masks & supplies here?

Why are our hospitals warning of being overwhelmed?

Why are we now reliant on desperately buying a huge amount of supplies from China, something which wouldn’t have been necessary if we were ‘prepared’ as the government claimed?

Does this seem ‘prepared’ to you?

The fact is Canada was not prepared, because the government wasted weeks and weeks by refusing to shut the borders, refused to shut things down early (wasting at least a week by leaving things open) and giving totally contradictory advice.

Meanwhile, our medical stockpile was totally unable to keep up, which Patty Hajdu tried to blame on “all governments,” rather than realizing that they had weeks and weeks to build up the supply, and failed to build up Canada’s domestic supply chain.

In short, we can see that while the government is asking for us to trust them, their repeated lies and mis-truths make that trust harder and harder to generate, at a time when it’s desperately needed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube