We Are All Economic Nationalists Now

This crisis shows that when push comes to shove, a country must be able to rely on domestic production, not foreign trade.

The CCP Coronavirus Crisis has decimated the ideas of ‘open borders’ and ‘globalization.’

While many – including myself – have been calling for more domestic manufacturing for sometime, this crisis has truly demonstrated the immense danger of being unable to build things here at home.

The ‘benefits’ of globalization are being revealed as so fragile that they were the first thing to disappear, leaving us desperately bidding against other countries to buy essential equipment we need here at home.

Now, with domestic manufacturers moving towards increasing production within our borders, we are seeing that we have much more potential strength to be self-sufficient than our leaders had wanted us to think.

We don’t need to be reliant on foreign countries. We can do far more at home.

As a result, we’re all economic nationalists now.

We are realizing that the economy of Canada exists first and foremost to help protect and serve the national interests of the Canadian People, not enrich foreign megacorporations.

And as people realizing how much stronger we can be domestically, there will certainly be a push towards deepening our self-sufficiency and domestic strength.

This means that any political party that tries to go back to the era of globalization, vulnerability, and dependence on foreign nations will be going against the national interest, and will be acting against the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando