VIDEO: CBC Laughs At Student Who Wants To Work On Farm

The elites think the jobs that keep our society alive are a joke.

Farmers, truckers, energy workers, and more are keeping our society alive.


With much of our economic activity totally shut down, our economy and society are surviving only on the basics.

Yet, those same jobs are clearly still a joke to the elites.

We can see that in the pathetic lack of support for the oil industry from the federal government, even though all the trucks carrying food and essential items across our country need fuel to run.

And now, a person many see as a Trudeau propagandist, Rosemary Barton, is laughing at a student who said he would be willing to work on a farm amid this crisis.

You can watch the arrogance below:

“The idea that this young man wants to work on a farm, and is willing to “roll up his sleeves” and work hard is, apparently, HILARIOUS to this CBC journalist.”

This kind of elitist arrogance and contempt is a key reason why CBC’s ratings are so horrible.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter