VIDEO: CBC Laughs At Student Who Wants To Work On Farm

The elites think the jobs that keep our society alive are a joke.

Farmers, truckers, energy workers, and more are keeping our society alive.


With much of our economic activity totally shut down, our economy and society are surviving only on the basics.

Yet, those same jobs are clearly still a joke to the elites.

We can see that in the pathetic lack of support for the oil industry from the federal government, even though all the trucks carrying food and essential items across our country need fuel to run.

And now, a person many see as a Trudeau propagandist, Rosemary Barton, is laughing at a student who said he would be willing to work on a farm amid this crisis.

You can watch the arrogance below:

“The idea that this young man wants to work on a farm, and is willing to “roll up his sleeves” and work hard is, apparently, HILARIOUS to this CBC journalist.”

This kind of elitist arrogance and contempt is a key reason why CBC’s ratings are so horrible.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Rosemary Barton’s continued unprofessionalism is pathetic. She should be embarrassed by her ignorance. Here’s a healthy young man willing to work hard to help others and she has the audacity to laugh at his plea to help. Perhaps she should know that hard physical work builds muscle and burns lots of calories….just saying’.


I grew up on a farm and hobby farmed until 4 years ago. I have had quite a few elitist idiots like this scoff and mock and ridicule me and my family “getting our hands dirty”. But when the prices of eggs and poultry and beef started to go up, they were the 1st to ask me what I would charge for my eggs, beef and chicken meat. Hypocrites. Not a one gave a thought about where there food comes from until there are shortages or the prices go sky high. I absolutely refused to sell to them.

Lorraine Y. Pawlivsky-Love

Funny! I didn’t get that message at all! I have farmed off and on my whole life and have never had anyone scoff or look down at me…except men who thought a woman couldn’t possibility operate a Charolais bull calf semen production facility in Pincher Creek, Alberta back in the 80’s, or my own grandfather who refused to pay my farm labour wages because he believed that I should be grateful for having the privilege of being on what he thought was his farm.


The laugh that VERY obviously at the way he worded his response. Leave it to the “hate liberals no matter what” crowd to twist a 30 second video from Twitter into whatever they want

Lorraine Y. Pawlivsky-Love

Yup! My thoughts exactly! She wasn’t laughing AT his idea but at the way he worded his response. I can take any video clip or photograph and TWIST it into a hateful or positive message. That’s what I did my Masters degree in. Learn some critical thinking before we see someone turn on the hate!


Farmers and those that work seasonally are critical. Overweight arrogant newsreaders are of no use whatsoever. We can install software on our home computers that can read text just like Barton does and it has no need for a $1.5 billion welfare cheque every year.

Dump the disgusting CBC welfare and turn it into a subscription-based organization.

James Murray

The word “elites” is used by so many in the media.
It really should be replaced with “smug”, “arrogant”, or some other more accurate description. There is nothing “elite” about these people.
They are not intelligent, not moral, not disciplined, and not productive.

the Commodore

What else would she laugh at – try loading 700 square bales on a flat deck and drive 50 miles and have to off-load and stack because the farmer and his men were for some reason not there to help and then do that twice more to get your day in – pretty funny eh!! – milk a 100 cows every morning and then have to do it again that same evening and in the mean-time tend to 40 or 50 calves – get your feed crop in and take off what is ready – pretty funny eh!! – how… Read more »