REPORT: With Bill C-388, Conservatives Pledge To “Ensure That Ukraine Receives The Necessary Weaponry To Defend Itself Against Aggression.”

The Liberals have done a lot of talking when it comes to supporting Ukraine, but the Conservatives are pushing for more tangible action.

The Conservatives have released more details about Bill C-388, a private members bill being brought forward by Garnett Genuis – Conservative Shadow Minister for International Development.

The proposed legislation demonstrates that – unlike the Trudeau Liberals – the Conservatives recognize Canada must make tangible efforts to stand with our allies, strengthen our energy sector, and help push back against Russian aggression. In doing so, they are wisely ignoring both the far-left and the far-right, and are standing up for Canadian Values, Western Values, and the Free World.

You can read more details below:

“Garnett Genuis, Conservative Shadow Minister for International Development, introduced Bill C-388, An Act to fast-track energy and mining projects and to facilitate the provision of munitions to Ukraine and develop its munitions industry.

Bill C-388 aims to expedite the development of Canadian energy and mining projects and direct surplus defense supplies to Ukraine. This will enable Canada to develop and export the materials and energy needed to support Ukraine and displace Russian energy exports while stimulating economic growth and prosperity for Canadians.

“Under Justin Trudeau, a gas turbine was sent to Putin so he could continue funding his war machine with natural gas sales to Europe, Canadian detonators have been found in Russian mines meant to blow up Ukrainians. He has refused to increase production of artillery shells Ukraine asked for and has still not donated our decommissioned stockpile of CRV7 rockets, despite Ukraine’s requests for them,” said MP Genuis. “While Liberals continue to carve out holes in our sanctions that undermine their effectiveness by granting waivers to Russian companies, Conservatives will ensure that Ukraine receives the necessary weaponry to defend itself against aggression.”

Key provisions of Bill C-388 include directing surplus defence supplies to Ukraine, exempting certain munitions from export controls for swift procurement, expanding the General Export Permit to include munitions for Ukraine, extending coverage of the General Brokering Permit to imports into Ukraine, and prioritizing the development of Ukraine’s defence manufacturing by Export Development Canada and Business Development Bank.

“After more than two years of war, Ukraine cannot afford to wait any longer for the support it needs. Immediate action is imperative to ensure Ukraine’s victory, sovereignty and security,” said MP Genuis. “This bill is a pivotal step towards bolstering Ukraine’s defence capabilities and accelerating the development of Canadian energy projects.”

Standing with Ukraine is the right thing to do, and it’s good to see the Conservatives proposing such strong and principled legislation.

As the world gets more dangerous, the Conservatives are showing the kind of leadership Canada needs.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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