Liberal Minister Busted Trying To Fake Canadian History

Not that reassuring when the heritage minister is making up lies.

Liberal heritage minister Steven Guilbeault has been busted trying to fake Canadian history.

As noted by Blacklock’s Reporter, In a claim that was tabled in the House of Commons, Guilbeault’s heritage department said Black People had been in Nunavut  for over 400 years.

Of course, that is totally false.

The claim was 100% made up.

The heritage department has since had to admit they made a ‘mistake’ in pushing that claim.

That raises the question of why the heritage department, which at the very least should know basic Canadian history, would make such an easily disprovable claim.

More likely, the department is being thrown under the bus, and it was in fact the Liberal minister who pushed the claim, trying to push some sort of fake ‘politically-correct’ narrative that is at odds with reality.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Another Liberal Minister that is having trouble in truth telling….what’s new?


Liberals are ALL Liars. It is a Very Sad State of Affairs when we cannot trust this Joke of a Liberal Government that everything that comes out of their mouths are All Lies Every Time. Trudope had the nerve to tell Canadians today when speaking from his Cave that the Liberal Government has been Open and Transparent. Who is he trying to fool with this lie?

Dale Mullen

This has been going on at least since ol’ man Trudeau was allowed to destroy our country and replace it with his own vision. Otherwise, how would these largely irrelevant minority groups have been able to seize power away from the majority and cause the bedlam they have?