VIDEO: Bernier Unveils New PPC Policy, Says Canada Must “Stand Up To The Chinese Bully”

PPC leader lists 8 ways Canada can stand up to China.

In a new video, People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier slammed China, saying Canada must “stand up to the Chinese bully.”

Bernier also unveiled 8 policy ideas for how Canada should deal with the threat posed by China:

  • Ban Huawei equipment from our telecom network
  • forbid the takeover of our natural resources and other strategic assets by Chinese companies
  • join our allies and demand an independent investigation into China’s responsibility and the WHO’s complicity in the spread of the virus
  • join the U.S. initiative to reduce our reliance on Chinese supply chains
  • expedite the Meng extradition case
  • show support for Taiwan and the Hong Kong democrats
  • expel any Chinese diplomat suspected of spying, and
  • stop issuing visas to Chinese students.

Bernier’s policy unveiling comes as polls show a huge majority of Canadians across the political spectrum express negative views of Canada, with anger growing towards the totalitarian state for kidnapping Canadians, threatening our allies, stealing technology, and allowing the CCP Virus to be unleashed upon the world.

It seems Justin Trudeau is the only leader left in the Western world who hasn’t realized China is NOT our friend, leaving Canada in a very dangerous position.

You can watch Bernier’s video below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I totally agree with Maxime Bernier, and all his ideas. We have to totally distance ourselves from Communist China. Maxime Bernier is a TRUE Canadian, unlike the Trudeau Lite Conservatives!


I totaly agree Maxime Bernier,and I may add that China for a long time has been killing Canadians by exporting opioids drugs to Canada.If that is not an act of war I do not know what it is.It is about time that Canada stop all trade with China,and another thing Canada can do, arrest all Chinese spy agents.


I totally agree with Maxime Bernier, and all his ideas. We have to totally distance ourselves from Communist China. We have to STOP importing all their junk. My family has decided to NOT be buy anything “Made in China” ever again. I went to Canadian Tire today to buy two small appliances and a frypan and all the appliances, and even the frypan, were all made in China. It is high time that the Government stop importing all these products from Communist China. Canada has to begin supporting Manufacturing in Canada. All goods should be “MADE IN CANADA”. I know… Read more »


I agree with maxime Bernier on all his talking points and resolutions. Tell it like it is Maxime!

Major Tom

Totally agree with Mr. Bernier! Make Canada Free Again!