John Tory Slammed For Bonkers #MenstrualHygieneDay Proclamation That Erases Women, Referring To “Menstruators” Instead

What the hell is this?

In a sign of the increasingly clown-world vibe going on these days, Toronto Mayor John Tory is being slammed for an insane press release in which he pretends women don’t exist.

Tory proclaimed ‘Menstrual Hygiene Day,’ and then released a statement that didn’t even mention women.


Instead, Tory refers to “menstruators,” and “people who menstruate.”

You can read it below:

“Today I proclaimed #MenstrualHygieneDay in the @CityofToronto in an effort to help break the silence around menstruation. Proud to support @ThePeriodPurse and their continued work to end the stigma surrounding periods. #MHDay2020”

John Tory Clown World

Look at the absolutely absurd effort Tory went to in order to avoid saying “women.”

And look at the response to his Tweet. People are pissed, and rightfully so.

This is simply insane. Tory is now pandering to the most radical out-of-touch fringe, pretending somehow that it’s offensive to say ‘women.’

Remember, Tory is the same politician who talked about ‘stigma’ being more dangerous than the CCP Coronavirus, and who went to the park without a mask in order to lecture people who went to the park without a mask.

In short, he’s a virtue-signalling joke.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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D Met


D Met

What’s next? Itchy balls day

Dave Allsopp

I can’t tell you legally or socially how much this disgusts me and how I feel it should be dealt with!
My thoughts are not pretty but they do support women being WOMEN!


What the hell is wrong with our ditzy politicians? Having a day to celebrate this is totally absurd. Our pro-liberal politicians are idiots.

Guy-Paul Roy

They voted him in and they OWN it. We voted in Sheer, Trudeau out, and we got the Millionaire Trust Fund Moron. You can not make this stuff up.


Thank you Spencer, I have not laughed this much in a long time, my son came in to find out what had set me off, but I could not read it to him I was laughing too hard, so he read it, and got angry at this stupidity which made me laugh even harder. How stupid all this lefty political programming nonsense has become. My son finally laughed and agrees with that. No wonder so many people have psychiatric problems yet vote for more.

Django Foo

That’s odd. The chap on the radio this morning proclaimed today is Hamburger Day!


ONLY an insane lefty would ‘proclaim’ a ‘Menstrual Hygiene Day’ to begin with, and then NOT use the word WOMAN once in connection with it…
Good Lord,what next ?


I tried to blame it all on him, too, but it’s actually an international thing….bananas.

Dayna Lynn Boyer

People in Government are stupid. Smh.


UN, Wake up! Please, on behalf of the people of Canada do not let this politically naive and incompetent PM of ours, Justin Trudeau, take a seat at your esteemed table. He is an embarrassment to the world and a complete disaster to Canada with his political, sexual, social, financial and legal scandals. Not only can we not afford him, the UN cannot either and he will bring the UN into the same disrepute that he has done to Canada and every Canadian citizen. Do your research!


WTF is this? John Tory has lost his mind for sure! #Unbelievable.

Eric Blair

John Tory is a joke, period.

alan skelhorne

another one of trudeaus puppets,nothing new there for sure.


The Toronto Mayor has not slowed his spending and fully expects the Province and Trudeau to bail it out…if not he does say a 40% tax increase could be coming.
He says that for every house he builds, it generates 5 permanent jobs by stats Canada studies.
This fall, it should be popcorn time as we watch him desperately push the governments for funding.


Unbelievable! Tory lost his mind!