Leslyn Lewis Gaining Momentum In Conservative Leadership Race

There has been a significant growth in her online support among Conservatives.

While Erin O’Toole and Peter MacKay are seen by much of the media as the frontrunners for the CPC leadership, Dr. Leslyn Lewis appears to be gaining significant momentum.

Online, Lewis is receiving more and more traction with her posts, and her approach appears to be resonating with Conservatives.

Lewis is winning praise for her recent statement on Black Lives Matter, where she slammed the group for calling for the defunding of the police, and ripped their attack on the Western nuclear family structure.

Here’s an excerpt of her widely-praised letter:

“We have a real opportunity to discuss real change.

This, unfortunately, has not happened.

Instead, we are seeing the discussion taken over by activists with radical proposals that will only make the problems we face worse.

The organization Black Lives Matter, for example, has used current public goodwill and earnest cries for justice by demanding that we “defund the police.”

Among their other demands? They want the “disruption” of the “Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.”

As I have stated in my platform, I believe that the family is a cornerstone of society. We should be working to strengthen families, not weaken them.

I am all for a robust debate on how best to make Canada a nation where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and prosper in freedom and security. But removing the foundation of what makes a healthy society is no place to start.

So, while I believe that we must fight inequality, I cannot support a group like Black Lives Matter in totality, because I strongly disagree that their proposed actions will create meaningful solutions.

There are both historic and systemic reasons why Black families in North America are suffering, including the history of slavery, destructive welfare policies, and even crime bills put forward by Bill Clinton in the 90s.

But the inequality created by the impact on Black families does not mean we should destroy all families in order to create equality.

Destroying what should be the pillars of society is never the solution.

I can’t stand for the “disruption of the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure”, just as I can’t support disbanding the police force because of the actions of a select group of corrupt officers.”

Lewis was also recently endorsed by Conservative MP Glen Motz:

“MP @GlenMotz has dedicated his life to public service, first as a police officer and now as a Member of Parliament.

His frontline experience in law enforcement gives extra credibility when he speaks out in support of law-abiding firearm owners across the country.”

Lewis also pushed backs against Justin Trudeau’s recent talking down of our country:

“Nobody is suggesting Canadians don’t always want to make Canada better and better. But my parents immigrated to Canada because they believed it was the best country in the world. And I believe with all my heart that they were and continue to be right.”

Lewis is increasingly winning support online, and that support can translate into real support and real votes.

She has shown a willingness to directly confront political correctness, something that many Conservative voters have been waiting for as the Party all too often gives in to Liberal trends and plays the Liberal game.

If Lewis continues to gain momentum, the perception of a two-way race will shift to a three-way race, with Lewis having a growing chance of success.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube