The Elites Want Us Divided By Race To Distract From Their Own Corruption & Betrayal Of Our Country

Notice how we aren’t talking anymore about how our nation has been betrayed and sold out to multinational corporations and foreign countries?

There’s an SNL sketch from about 4 years back that was a rare moment of the media – or media products – recognizing an aspect of the deeper core reality in North America.

The sketch featured Tom Hanks playing a Trump supporter on ‘Black Jeopardy,’ and finding a surprising level of similarity between the experience of many African Americans and White Working Class Americans.

You can watch the sketch below:

Of course, this was a rare moment of awareness for the media, and it quickly disappeared.

Instead, as we see today, the establishment media and the political class are desperate to divide us by race.

For years, good and decent regular people of all backgrounds have been pushing for a world where we talk less and less about race, and instead judge people by their actions. A ‘colourblind’ society was what we were seeking.

Now, all of that is being reversed.

People who have never done anything racist are all of a sudden accused of ‘unconscious racism,’ a charge that is absurd and impossible to refute, since the Woke Inquisition claims that denying ‘unconscious racism’ is itself ‘unconscious racism.’

The radical leftists – who are really the useful idiots of the elites – are seeking to inject race into everything, creating a culture of guilt, anger, division, and hatred.

Remember, there was ZERO disagreement when people watched the video of George Floyd being choked to death.

Everybody watched that and was outraged and demanded that steps be taken to ensure it never happens again.

Everyone was on the same page.

But the elites didn’t want that.

They don’t want us on the same side.

They don’t want us to agree.

They want us to hate each other.

They want us divided.

Just consider the fact that a few weeks ago, there was a growing consensus on how badly we had been sold out by our leaders.

People were realizing that all the claims of economic benefits from ‘free trade’, enriching multinational corporations, and selling out to China were a total mirage, as our jobs and wealth were wiped out almost instantly, while we were left in the humiliating position of being reliant on China for personal protective equipment.

The lies of the elitist political and corporate class were being exposed.

A tipping point was nearly reached.

And then, the elites saw their chance to reverse the tide.

Instead of George Floyds horrific death being something that brought people together to demand change, the media has used every opportunity to inflame racial tensions, spread anger, and divide people against eachother.

The media is getting rich, the corporations are able to virtue-signal their way out of trouble, and almost nobody is talking about how the CCP Virus exposed our politicians and corporate class as corrupt, disloyal failures who sold us out.

What this means is that it is up to all of us, regular People of all backgrounds to push back. We must fight back against this narrative of racial guilt and division. We must push back against the demonization of our country.

We must bring people together, stand up for the truth, and ensure that our despicable ‘leaders’ don’t get away with their manipulative tactics.

Because now, everything is on the line.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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