Jagmeet Singh Thinks Everyone Who Opposes His ‘Systemic Racism’ Motion Is A ‘Racist’

Why is the NDP leader dividing people when we need unity?

With Canada desperately in need of unity, Jagmeet Singh and the far-left are instead pushing for division.

After getting kicked out of the House of Commons for calling a Bloc Quebecois member a racist, Singh doubled down.

After getting emotional, Singh claimed that everyone who disagrees with his motion on ‘systemic racism’ is racist.

You can watch Singh’s comments below:

It’s disgusting divisiveness from Singh, who is refusing to accept the obvious truth that good people can disagree in a democracy.

Ironically, while Singh claims to be standing up against prejudice, he is showing total prejudice towards everyone who views things differently than he does.

That kind of attitude will only tear people apart and increase the amount of anger in the country, at a time when we need to be willing to listen to different points of view and bring people together.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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