Despite ‘Closed Borders,’ Illegal Border Crossings Continue

Yet again, the Liberal government tries deceiving the Canadian People.

The Trudeau government told Canadians the border was ‘closed.’

They said they had a deal to turn back illegal border crossers and send them back to the United States.

Of course, this has turned out to be yet another lie.

We already knew that flights are still coming into Canada, including from China.

Now, government numbers show that 21 illegal border crossers were taken into custody by the RCMP in the month of May.

Interestingly, the government has not revealed whether any of the individuals were returned to the United States.

And that’s just the individuals Canada knows about, leaving questions about how many people could have crossed into Canada illegally without the government being aware of it.

It would be one thing if the government could at least be honest with people. But instead, they claim one thing, while doing another.

It’s an ongoing trend with the Liberals, and it’s only getting worse as the crises add up.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube