BREAKING: Ethics Commissioner Launches Investigation Into Trudeau’s WE Charity Scandal

Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion has “commenced an examination under subsection 44(3)” of the Conflict of Interest Act.

If Justin Trudeau thought that the end of the WE Charity running a nearly $1 billion ‘volunteer’ program would make the scandal go away, he thought wrong.

The Ethics Commissioner has launched an investigation into Trudeau, under subsection 44(3) of the Conflict of Interest Act.

Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion made that announcement in a letter responding to Conservative MP Michael Barrett, who had requested an examination.

The letter can be viewed below:

“BREAKING: Ethics Commissioner launches investigation into Justin Trudeau’s involvement in awarding $900M contract to charity with close ties to his family and the Liberal Party.”

Trudeau’s ethical scandals continue to pile up, and he is once again showing that the second he thinks he can get away with something, he tries to pull a fast one on the Canadian People.

In addition to this Ethics Investigation, the Opposition parties need to launch their own investigation as well, to get to the truth of this disgraceful mess.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Wonderful… And if he’s found guilty of a conflict of interest, WHAT will happen to him?!
Probably nothing – AS USUAL – like EVERY other scandal he’s been in for the past nearly 5 years…[email protected]#$%…’TeflonTrudeau’ : Nothing sticks to that leftist POS…

D Kuziw

Great yet another toothless ethics conviction wooppie that will make how many?

Ben Eby

Why waste any more time waiting for the results of another scandal explanation and dubious in house investigation.

Gerri Page

I don’t trust the ethics commissioner anymore then I trust Trudeau but we will eventually find out if his pockets gets filled and charges are dropped against JT.

james isnor

It sounds a bit suspicious. Smokescreen for quick exoneration ?

Maiane santo santos

How much more baloney are we supposed to take from inadéquate leader.


Obviously this is all Harper’s fault, just another in a long line of teachable moments for our shameless leader. What will he do next, on his journey to corrupt our great land!

Brian Hughes

Spencer , How about filling us in on the penalty for this ….another $500 slap on the wrist ??


Trudeau should not only be Ethically investigated, he should be Criminally investigated! He is definitely an Arrogant, Corrupt, Criminal who has been getting away with Many Criminal Issues. It is about time that he is investigated and charged. He is NOT above the law, but our Justice System has been ignorant and putting him above the law! Law Abiding Canadians in this Country are Fed Up!


Sadly, this will end up like all the last investigations, he’ll be found guilty and then… nothing. No wonder he’s so arrogant, nothing ever happens to him or anyone in his party, just like in the states. We are no longer living under the rule of law but the rule of men. Jail for thee but not for me. Sigh.


He looks terrible. The pressure must be getting to him. Cmon pressure!


Trudope Never looks Terrible ENOUGH for the Millions of Good, Honest, Law Abiding Canadians! He has been getting away from all the Ethics Commission Investigations, after being found Guilty, with a slap on the wrist, so he is NEVER under Pressure!


He’s a self serving thief.