Peter MacKay Deletes Tweet Praising WE Charity & “Remarkable” Kielburger Brothers

As is often the case, deleting the Tweet brought more attention to it.

Peter MacKay has deleted a Tweet that praised the WE Charity currently at the center of the latest Trudeau Scandal.

“KIELBURGER COVERUP: Peter MacKay deletes tweet that links his wife to WE Day, unclear how much she was paid to speak for WE. MacKay applauds the “remarkable” organization (remarkably corrupt) and the Kielburger Brothers (Trudeau donors).

If this was above-board, why the cover-up?”

This is certainly a bad look for MacKay, who has already been facing criticism for skipping recent Conservative leadership debates organized by grassroots members.

That said, MacKay was not in charge of giving government money when his wife spoke to the organization, and it is not known if any money was given.

Certainly, Trudeau’s actions with WE are a totally different matter, since Trudeau tried to give WE control over nearly $1 Billion of our taxpayer dollars to an organization that had given tons of money to his family.

Still, the fact that MacKay deleted the Tweet shows he knows the optics aren’t good, yet deleting it has likely drawn more attention to it than would have otherwise occurred.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Great reporting Spencer & Keean!!!


Conservatives should NEVER vote for MacKay! He and his wife have been very soft on Crime advocating for the return of Omar Khadr to Canada. Now he and his wife are trying to cover up their love for WE Charity, when Trudeau is caught funding a Corrupt so called “Charity”. WE is NOT a charity when the founders of WE have become Multi Millionaires.