Catherine McKenna Seen Without Mask In Public, CBC Silent

Why didn’t CBC do a bunch of huge breaking stories on this immensely important and totally news-worthy revelation?

We remember what happened when CBC followed Andrew Scheer around and waited for him to be pictured without a mask:

They turned it into a big story, attempting to distract from Trudeau’s problems with their biased, unprofessional attack on Scheer.

Yet, it seems CBC isn’t so interested in what current Liberal minister Catherine McKenna is doing.

Here’s what McKenna Tweeted from her own account on July 4th:

“As we continue through Stage 2, the CEWS helps local businesses like @WorkingtitleYOW to re-open, help their employees, and get back to what they love. You can enjoy their menu by #PhysicalDistancing on their patio or taking it to go. CroissantCookingGreen saladHot beverage”

Ironically, McKenna is neither ‘physical distancing,’ nor wearing a mask, despite the worker behind her wearing one as he takes McKenna’s order.

Now, I’m not a fan of the whole ‘mask shaming’ trend. We shouldn’t be following people around like creeps (like the CBC did to Scheer), seeing if they have masks on that.

With that said, McKenna posted this on her own, to her own account.

And the issue here is hypocrisy.

CBC takes our tax dollars – without asking us – and then provides biased coverage, going after Conservatives for things they allow the Liberals to get away with.

CBC sent someone to watch Scheer, follow him, and then create a story by waiting for a moment when he didn’t have a mask on, yet they are silent on McKenna posting her own photo where she doesn’t wear a mask.

This is the kind of double-standard that has led an increasing number of Canadians to push for the defunding of CBC.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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