Canada Should Withdraw Our $250 Million ‘Contribution’ To The China-Controlled Asian Infrastructure Bank & Use Some Of That Money To Help Fund The CFL

If we have to pick between giving money to a bank controlled by the ruthless Chinese Communist State, or a Canadian-owned heritage company, the choice is obvious.

So far, it appears that the idea of a shortened Canadian Football League season is unlikely to happen.

The key reason is that the league says they need $43 million from the federal government, and the federal government seems unlikely to oblige.

Now, I’m not usually a fan of bailouts, and it is somewhat surprising that the CFL is in such a tough financial position (the players haven’t even been paid yet which is disgraceful). Also, the government has been slammed by the Conservatives for large budget deficits, so asking them to spend more money bailing out the CFL doesn’t make sense.

However, the government can easily provide financial support to the CFL without adding to the deficit.

It’s very simple: Withdraw Canada’s massive contribution to the Communist-China Controlled Asian Infrastructure Bank.

Starting in 2017, the Trudeau government gave $250 million to the AIB, which builds things in Asia, not in Canada.

Additionally, the 2017 budget bill C-63 gave the finance minister the power to give another $480 million of our taxpayer dollars to the AIB.

So, at minimum, Canada has provided $250 million to the China-controlled bank, and that number could be closer to $1 billion.

What that means is, all we need to do is withdraw from the AIB, withdraw our funding, and use that money here at home.

At minimum, that would provide our country with an extra $250 million, meaning we could easily afford to support the CFL, helping a Canadian league survive, helping players get paid, and ensuring that there is something to help entertain us during the ongoing CCP Virus pandemic.

After all, the CFL wouldn’t be in trouble if it weren’t for the Virus China allowed to spread around the world, so taking our money from a China-controlled bank and giving it to a Canadian-controlled league would be quite fitting.

This would be easy and simple for the government to do, and they must take action.

If they don’t, and they instead choose to keep funding a China-controlled bank rather than an essential part of Canadian sports heritage, it once again raises questions about where the loyalties of the federal government really lie.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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If we are lucky, the Finance Minister forgot to send the 250 million to China…


How are you going to ask 250 millions from the Chinese $41000.oo or there abouts was easier.I’m sure that somebody would have to pay a lot more to get our money back.The idiots have dug themselves so deep with the Chinese government it would be hard to dig themselves out.When you play dishonest.Is very hard to reverse it.

Guy-Paul Roy

What football Fans need to decide is What is more important? Asia Infrastructure or Football?

Sharon Warren

It would be my guess that football fans don’t give a tinker’s damn about Asia infrastructure but they might care if their taxes & living expenses (&/or those of their struggling adult kids or grand-kids) go up astronomically to pay for these & numerous other ridiculous multi-million dollar handouts this pathetic government loves to fascilitate, all in the name of “love thy Trudeau benefactor” Yes, let the millionaire owners of the NFL get the league out of the red.


Bail out professional sports?? Let the filthy-rich owners fund their teams, if they want them that badly.


I would like to see Canada withdraw and give all money back to taxpayers. If the CFL cant make a go of it then go out of business. Why should i subsidize them?

Scott Chinsota

How about we don’t give it to the bank or the CFL?