BRUTAL: The Liberals GUTTED Canada’s Pandemic Warning System Before The CCP Virus Infiltrated. Now, The Auditor General Is Investigating

Despite efforts to rewrite history, the Liberal government failed Canadians when the crisis began.

There has been a large-scale effort by the Liberal government and elitist establishment press to try and rewrite history.

They have tried to pretend that the Liberals did a great job on the CCP Virus Pandemic.

Of course, you know that the reality is much different.

The Liberals failed to shut the borders to travel from China early on, allowing thousands of possibly infected travellers from the Wuhan region to enter our country.

Canada’s first CCP Virus cases all came from China, thus seeding further outbreaks.

Those outbreaks were then exacerbated by travel from Europe and the United States, when the Liberals continued to leave the borders and airports open.

The government claimed screening was taking place at airports, but that was revealed as a lie, and provincial governments had to send their own screeners to make up for the federal absence – even though it’s an area of provincial jurisdiction.

For weeks – and even months – the Liberals and the political class attacked the idea of border shutdowns, called people racist for wanting travel shut down, and obsessed over ‘prejudice’ and political-correctness.

That wasted time made the outbreak in Canada much worse than it should have been. Remember, Patty Hajdu was wrong over and over and over again, with the government giving totally contradictory advice on masks, and then reversing themselves on shutting borders after weeks of delay, finally admitting that the border shutdowns would save lives.

As we well know, things would have been much worse in Canada, if not for provincial governments – of all political stripes – picking up the slack for the failing feds.

And now, we have learned of something that makes the Liberal pandemic ‘response’ look even worse.

Turns out, Canada had a strong Pandemic Early Warning System, that had worked well on Avian Flu, Ebola, H1N1, and MERS.

Then, about a year ago, the Liberals gutted the program.

Now, the Auditor General is investigating.

According to a report by the Globe & Mail, “Canada’s Auditor-General is planning to investigate what went wrong with the country’s once-vaunted early warning system for pandemics after the unit curtailed its surveillance work and ceased issuing alerts more than a year ago, raising questions about whether it failed when it was needed most.

Sources close to the matter said the Auditor-General is planning to probe the government’s handling of the Global Public Health Intelligence Network, or GPHIN, which was a central part of the country’s advance surveillance, early detection and risk-assessment capacity for outbreaks.”

The details are brutal.

It seems the independent analysts within the GPHIN were “stripped of their ability to independently issue alerts.” Under the new system, alerts “had to be approved by senior management, a move that ultimately silenced the system.”

In a horrible irony, the Liberal government apparently thought the GPHIN was “too internationally focused, given that pandemic events were rare.”

Think about that for a moment:

The Liberals, so obsessed with their international image, so obsessed with fixing the rest of the world rather than Canada, finally decide to focus more on Canada, but the one time they do it is to cripple a pandemic warning system that could have given Canadians advance knowledge of a terrible virus threat?

As if that isn’t enough, the report indicates the Auditor General will look into Canada’s ‘risk assessments.’

“The Auditor-General is also planning to look at Canada’s risk assessments during the pandemic, which may have affected the speed and urgency of mitigation measures, such as border closings, airport shutdowns and the use of protective masks. Throughout January, February and into March, the government maintained the risk the virus posed to Canada was “Low,” even as evidence of human-to-human spread became increasingly evident around the world. Canada didn’t elevate its risk rating to “High” until March 16, nearly seven weeks after the WHO declared the global risk was high and urged countries to start preparing.”

Here we see the truth:

The Liberal government failed, miserably, at the beginning of the pandemic. Every area of federal responsibility was a letdown.

They spread misinformation to Canadians, downplayed the virus when it could have been stopped, failed to protect our borders and ports of entry, pandered to China, and demonized the Canadian People for wanting to keep our nation and people safe.

And before any of that happened, they gutted a key tool that could have helped give us warning and could have saved thousands of innocent Canadian lives.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Remember that Congress fully funded a 30 person early warning team in spring 2019. They were to use patterns in secondary evidence like cell phones staying home, parking lots not full, etc which illness might produce. The US CDC sat on the request, doing nothing. As of 2020, zero of the 30 had been hired. This team could have been at work by last summer, and would have raised the alarm in October 2019. Trudeau interferes with our warning system. Since the DC swamp and the Libs both follow the DNC motto, never let a good crisis go to waste, and both desperately want Trump gone, I… Read more »


And let’s not forget they failed to properly maintain the PPE supplies, instead letting them expire, ditching them (surely, even expired, they could have helped in nursing homes which should have been using more PPE for a long time), and then closing the warehouses (hello, Regina). Then, when Canada was already at risk because of a low supply, they collaborated with the Red Cross to ship what few supplies we had to China.

Jim Montag

Canadians have never been a priority to the PM.

old white guy

I would consider this a serious problem if we really did have a deadly pandemic, fortunately we do not.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau continues to display his desire to put the wants and needs of the world ahead of Canada and Canadians. Trudeau in his insane desire to erase everything Conservative and done by Harper can’t see past his arrogant contempt for what Harper achieved . And the GPHIN system of early warning to detect potential pandemics shows clearly that Trudeau and his government are not just incompetent traitors to the safety, health and security of all Canadians, but are a clear and present danger to Canada, that has to be removed from office. Let’s hope that this investigation by the Auditor… Read more »