“None Of Us Wanted To Go”: Report Says WE Charity Pressured Employees To Attend Morneau Party

It keeps getting worse.

Literally every day we see new information that deepens the ongoing Trudeau WE Scandal.

Yesterday, we learned that the Ethics Investigation into Bill Morneau was expanding.

Additionally, a report has emerged that WE apparently pressured employees into attending a Bill Morneau holiday party.

According to the report, the former employees say they “felt pressured” to attend Morneau’s 2018 holiday party, and were not told ahead of time that the event was hosted by Morneau.

“None of us wanted to go,” said one former employee.

The employee says the pressure came from Marc Kielburger’s chief of staff:

“Robin claims Pilon asked them to go after work to “fill the room” and that Pilon described the celebration as though it were a “WE event or a Craig Kielburger event,” referring to Kielburger’s brother and WE co-founder Craig Kielburger.

“[She] kind of kept dancing around any details. … It was framed as though this was an event centred around Craig, and Bill Morneau would just happen to be there.”

Of course, the event turned out to be about Morneau:

“This was very much about Bill Morneau, and this was very much for the Liberals.”

WE also paid reportedly paid for the staff to take an Uber to the event.

WE is denying the claims, saying nobody was tricked:

“The invitation staff would have received clearly states that it was a neighbourhood event put on by Morneau.”

They said more in a statement, saying the claims by their former employees mischaracterized things:

“Based on our records, and to the best of our knowledge, WE Charity and ME to WE social enterprise has never circulated an invitation to staff to attend a political event such as a political rally or political fundraiser,” the organization said.

“However, as active members of the local community, WE Charity will participate and/or circulate information to staff about local community events.”

Whatever the truth is here, this only adds to perceptions that WE and the Liberals were deeply entangled, and will add to what Trudeau, Morneau, and the Liberals must answer for.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube