Brampton Man Arrested FOUR TIMES For Breaching Release Conditions Charged With Murdering Woman After Being Released Yet Again

This is why we need a much harsher justice system. Innocent people are being killed because weak politicians give more rights to criminals than to law-abiding people.

Recently, I wrote about how Canada needs to bring back the death penalty.

Most responses were quite positive.

And, even among those who disagreed, there was widespread agreement that we need a much tougher, even harsher, justice system.

Because right now, our justice system has very little ‘justice.’

The latest example of the horribly weak system is in Brampton, where Darian Hailey Henderson-Bellman was killed after being shot allegedly by someone who had been arrested FOUR TIMES for breaching release conditions, yet was released yet again:

“The suspect, who was identified on Friday as Darnell Reid, was later charged with second-degree murder, possession of a loaded firearm and two counts of failure to comply with a release order.

In his statement, Duraiappah said Reid was under an interim judicial release in connection with a previous alleged domestic violence incident between Henderson-Bellman and Reid. He said Reid was arrested four times for breaching conditions of his release by contacting Henderson-Bellman.”

Peel Regional Police Chief Nishan Duaraiappah noted the failure of the justice system:

“In this incident, the sadness I feel for the victim and her family is mixed with frustration for a complete failure of our justice system to protect her.”

As we can all see, the system has been totally skewed in favour of criminals, and against law-abiding Canadians.

People who commit multiple crimes still don’t get locked up, and are constantly let loose in our communities to take innocent lives.

This is why we need a far tougher justice system, with far longer sentences, tougher conditions in prisons, and focus on keeping the bad guys away from good people, rather than endlessly trying to ‘rehabilitate’ everyone.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab