Liberal Support Drops 6 Points, Leaderless Conservatives Are Within Margin-Of-Error

The CCP Virus pandemic ‘bounce’ for the Liberal government is gone.

The Trudeau Liberals were in an enviable political position.

They were receiving fawning media coverage despite their CCP Virus failures.

They had near total control over the narrative with Trudeau doing his daily press conferences.

They had mostly shut down Parliament.

They were distributing money around the nation at a never-before seen pace.

And as expected for a government in charge during a global crisis, they rose in the polls.

But now, despite all the political advantages mentioned above, the Liberals bounce has evaporated.

According to a new Leger survey, Liberal support has dropped six points in just the last two weeks.

The Liberals have fallen from 39%, to 33%.

The Conservatives, despite not having a leader and being in the middle of a leadership race, are at 31%, well within the margin-of-error.

The NDP are doing a bit better than previously, up to 20%, with the Bloc at 8% and the Greens at 6%.

In short, the Liberals once-dominant position in the polls during the crisis has now been fully squandered, with Canadians being reminded of Trudeau’s elitism, arrogance, and disregard for ethical standards.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube