#BuyCanadian Is Trending

The Canadian People are waking up to the importance of Canada becoming less dependent on foreign countries.

Following in the wake of US President Donald Trump announcing a 10% tariff on Canadian aluminum, #BuyCanadian is trending on Twitter, as Canadians respond with a wave of economic nationalism.

Support for Economic Nationalism to build up our own domestic economy has been growing for some time, particularly as the CCP China Virus Pandemic exposed how deeply dependent Canada is on foreign countries for some of the most essential medical equipment.

This dependence creates a serious vulnerability, and now with tariffs being imposed again by the US, that vulnerability is even more obvious.

For decades, the political class and corporate elites have sought to hollow-out Canada’s domestic manufacturing base, hurting Canadian workers and making our country reliant on the decisions of foreign countries.

Yet, the tide – at least of public opinion – appears to be turning, with people increasingly pushing for Buy Local and Buy Canadian campaigns.

It’s time for our political parties to finally listen to the Canadian People, reduce our reliance on foreign countries, support Canadian Businesses, and make our nation a much more self-sufficient place.

Spencer Fernando


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